Explanation of Membership Benefits

Daily Streamer Picks For Your Team: In our discord chat, you can ask us about specific pitchers and hitters that are available in your league. This is a major advantage because we will analyze who is available and present you with the best option.

Discord Chat Community: The best tool of the membership is our discord chat. It is filled with fantasy baseball players and analysts. Here there are several channels that are helpful such as trade advice, redraft advice, keeper advice, and more! During the offseason, we will keep it active with constant analysis. We have a new feature where you tell us a player to analyze and you will receive a PDF with a breakdown! We like to call these Mini Deep Dives (MDD's).

Draft Kit With Custom Rankings For One Of Your Leagues: Not only do you get our draft kit with the membership but we adjust the rankings to one of your league settings! *This is for yearly memberships only. If you choose monthly you only get the kit.*

Monthly Analyzation Of Your Team: This is what makes our membership so personalized. Once a month we will meet and look over one of your teams. We will talk about potential adds, trades, and more!

Note: When you purchase you will receive an email confirmation. You will then receive a second email from me with the discord link and other information.