Underrated Twitter Accounts Part 2

Twitter can be a great tool to use when it comes to fantasy baseball. By the day more and more people are creating accounts and putting their stamps on the fantasy baseball community. A community that is amazing in terms of encouragement.

Prospects 365 does a really awesome article about weaponizing Twitter. He talks about a lot of valuable fantasy baseball accounts to follow and breaks them down by category. If you haven’t seen it make sure to check it out.

What I want to do is talk about some accounts that seem underrated or maybe as us fantasy players like to call it, sleepers. These accounts are all under 5,000 followers and should be more well known for what they bring to the table. Below I have listed their names (if provided) as well as their Twitter handle. You will also see a little summary of the account and what they bring to the table. Please follow them if you don’t!

Michael Waterloo (@MichaelWaterloo)

Michael writes for two prestigious websites Fantasy Pros and The Athletic. If you don’t like my streaming advice he has some great insight as well throughout the season. He also picks two start streamers every week for those who are in need. But Michael is well versed and he also takes on evaluating hitters, strategy, and all kinds of research pieces making him a must follow.

Phil Dussault (@PhilDussault27)

Phil is an NFBC high stakes player who uses numbers to fuel his opinions. In fact, I have seen a few people refer to him as a computer. Phil is a valuable follow because of his Twitter timeline and the conversations he has with others. He always has solid input and provides the numbers to back up his opinions. In a nutshell, when Phil talks you listen because he always has something valuable to say.

Davey Lou (@Sportz_Nutt51)

Dave writes for both Prospects 1500 and Roto Fanatic. My favorite recurring piece of his is his “We’re going streaking,” articles on Roto Fanatic. Each week Dave breaks down hitters who are heating up. He then dives into those players using analytics to break their performances down. This is great for catching trends and especially for streaming hitters.

Frank Ammirante (@FAmmiranteTFJ)

If you want hot takes Frank is your guy! The funny thing about it is he is right more often than not. Frank is the co-founder of The Fantasy Jones and also writes for Rotoballer. Frank writes not only about baseball but football and DFS as well making him a jack of all trades. If you like to bet, play DFS, or fun hot takes backed by analytics he is your guy.

Deegs (@DeegsBaseball)

Deegs has one of those personalities where he loves to joke around, but when it comes down to business he knows his stuff and can easily back it up. He is the owner of Next on Deck and also contributes to Prospects Live. If you are into prospects and the MLB draft Deegs is your man.

Connor Kurcon (@CKurcon)

What are we doing here people? How the hell is Connor under 5,000 followers?! Connor is the co-founder of Six Man Rotation, the creator of PCRA, the creator of Dynamic Hard-Hit rate, and overall an analytical genius. What he discovers on a daily basis and puts on Twitter will straight up blow your mind. Just follow him already, will you?

Jake Halusker (@TheDustmite)

Jake is the host and co-creator of the High Stakes Heat podcast. On his Twitter page you can see him holding a $37,500 check for winning the 2019 NFBC Auction Championship. He is another high stakes player that you can learn from when listening to his podcast. If you want to get into competitive fantasy baseball make sure to give him a listen and a follow on Twitter. He can be seen joining conversations every day giving smart analytical analysis.

Matthew Davis (@_mattywood_)

If you are looking for someone who has a superior mustache over all other mustaches, look no further. Matt contributes to the FTN network mainly writing FAAB articles for high state leagues. This is such a useful article for anyone who is in a FAAB league. He tells you who you should be eyeing for each FAAB period as well as how much you should bid. A must-read for all.

Ryan Venancio (@ven_baseball)

Ryan is a writer for Next On Deck where he focuses on everything for Dynasty leagues. On his timeline you will see interesting stats about players where he then provides his analysis on it. He also uses images really well on his timeline when giving analysis such as heat maps and videos. Definitely a great follow for his timeline alone.

Heath Capps (@HeathCapps)

Heath is the co-founder of Roto Ranks and consistently puts out content for it. Lately he has been starting his rankings for the 2021 season and does so using a beautiful format. As he lists the players on the right you can see a breakdown of his thinking and how he views the player. In season he mainly writes about streamers and DFS. Heath is a very underrated follow.

Ian Smith (@FlaSmitty)

Ian is a writer for Prospects 365 and also covers the MLB draft for Prospects Live. I have recently dove into his work and he clearly has a great understanding of the game. His Twitter timeline is flat out awesome. He consistently posts videos of minor league players and provides a breakdown of their skills to give an informed opinion. Awesome follow for Dynasty.

Paul Mammino (@PMamminofantasy)

Paul writes for Roto Fanatic and is advanced analytically. He creates a lot of cool tools for others to use and I thoroughly enjoy his Pitch Location Breakdown articles on Roto Fanatic. He takes a pitcher and dives into the locations of their pitches and then provides an analysis of what it could mean for the player. Paul is very bright and everyone can learn a lot from him.

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