Underrated Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts

Twitter can be a great tool to use when it comes to fantasy baseball. By the day more and more people are creating accounts and putting their stamps on the fantasy baseball community. A community that is amazing in terms of encouragement.

Prospects 365 does a really awesome article about weaponizing twitter. He talks about a lot of valuable fantasy baseball accounts to follow and breaks them down by category. If you haven’t seen it make sure it check it out here.

What I want to do is talk about some accounts that seem underrated or maybe as us fantasy players like to call it, sleepers. These accounts are all under 5,000 followers and should be more well known with what they bring to the table. I also would like to note that this isn’t about websites this is about twitter content and what they post into the twitter-verse. Below I have listed their names (if provided) as well as their twitter handle. You will also see a little summary of the account and what they bring to the table. Please follow them if you don’t because you will certainly be thanking me later.

Nick Richards @NickRichardsHQ

Nick started his account in 2017 and currently holds about 600 followers. Nick runs a website called Medium.com that emphasizes on minor leaguers and analyzing with analytical graphics. Nick runs a creative timeline on twitter as he consistently posts about minor league players showing how they performed via graphs and spray charts. If you are looking for informative information about prospects and prefer visuals this is the account to follow.

Baseball Pods @BaseballPods

Baseball Pods joined Twitter in February of this year and has made a quick impression on the twitter community. What they do is listen to as many fantasy baseball podcasts as they can and they give you quick bullet points on these episodes. This is extremely valuable especially if you don’t have time to listen to every fantasy baseball podcast. You can easily glance over at the account to see what podcast they have listened to, which episode, and if something piques your interest give it a listen. Baseball Pods also just recently started a podcast bracket for the best fantasy baseball podcast! Make sure to check them out and go vote.

Shelly Verougstraete @ShellyV_643

Shelly has been around since March 2009 and is someone I have personally have followed since I first joined Twitter. She prides herself on being one of the few women in the industry and is certainly making a name for herself in the baseball community. Shelly knows her stuff and absolutely knows her prospects. All you have to do is look at her credentials as she writes for RotoGraphs, Pitcher List, Prospects 365, and Dynasty Guru. On Twitter Shelly posts polls, interesting articles, fun stats, and very cute pictures of her dogs! If you love prospects Shelly is definitely the way to go!

Stat Blast @Statblastsports

Stats Blast has been on Twitter since August of 2019, while they haven’t been around long they have certainly made a great impression. Mainly focusing on pitchers they do long twitter threads to break them down pitch by pitch. They really dive into pitch mixes and how the pitcher performs versus right-handed hitters and left-handed hitters. If you want a quick break down of an MLB pitcher without having to read an article this is the spot to go. Check out his Marcus Stroman thread below!