The Fantastic Exit Velocity Podcast

Baseball Podcast Tournament

For those who don’t know on Twitter there is a fabulous account called Baseball Pods (@Baseballpods). Every year they run a podcast tournament, much like the NCAA tournament that creates matchups between podcasts where fans can vote. Besides it being a friendly competition the point of it all is to highlight these podcasts. To provide an opportunity for voices to be heard, for consumers to discover a new favorite, and overall to celebrate how many smart individuals there are in this community.

About The Exit Velocity Baseball Podcast

In the first round, our very own podcast is matched up with the Exit Velocity Baseball Podcast. The podcast features three hosts in Brent Herzog, Zach Braff (not the actor), and Jordan. They discuss a variety of topics such as sleepers, busts, hot starts, breakdowns, strategy, and even player interviews. Some players they have interviewed include Jerry Blevins, JB Wendelken, and Zac Veen.

What set this podcast apart from others in the industry is their unique guests. They bring on analysts to discuss the teams they are a fan of. A genius move because everyone knows a little more about their favorite team. Something that could certainly help for fantasy baseball purposes when it comes to manager tendencies and organizational philosophies. Some of their guests have included Cardinals baseball with Chelsea Ladd, Padres baseball with Deegs, and Phillies baseball with Ellen Adair. Again, a genius move and something that truly sets them apart from others.

Brent, Jordan, and Zach match really well together, you can feel the chemistry through your ears. Bringing solid information with a little bit of humor brings this podcast’s personality to light. They strive on creating more of a relaxed atmosphere making the listen truly enjoyable. As someone who keeps this podcast in their daily rotation, I urge you to listen to the Exit Velocity Podcast. You can listen to it here.