The 2021 SP Streamer Draft Kit Is Here!

The SP Streamer Draft Kit is now live! As a finished product, it is over 160 pages and 124,000 words. You will see 550 player profiles and multiple sections including streaming strategy, how to break down hitting and pitching, making the jump, draft strategy, glossary, and a one-page cheat sheet. We put a lot of work into this amazing product and we cannot wait for you all to read it!

Draft Kit Details

Catcher Rankings: Top 30 with deep analysis.

First Base Rankings: Top 30 with deep analysis.

Second Base Rankings: Top 30 with deep analysis.

Third Base Rankings: Top 30 with deep analysis.

Shortstop Rankings: Top 30 with deep analysis.

Outfield Rankings: Top 100 with deep analysis.

Starting Pitcher Rankings: Top 150 with deep analysis.

Relief Pitcher Rankings: Top 50 with deep analysis.

Prospect Rankings: Top 100 with deep analysis.

Strategy Section: Here you will get a ton of valuable analysis. First, we hit on strategy for roto, points, and head to head leagues. Then we really dive in with positional scarcity, FAAB, waiver wire, approaching the draft, risk management, and roster construction. This section alone makes the draft kit worth it, especially since it is coming from a highly skilled high stakes player.

How To Break Down Pitching Section: In this section, you get a step by step guide on how to evaluate pitchers on your own. All major websites are covered including Fangraphs, Baseball Savant, The Athletic, and Brooks Baseball. All of the most useful tabs are discussed as well as which statistics are best to look at.

How To Break Down Hitting Section: In this section, you get a step to step guide on how to evaluate hitters on your own. All major websites are covered including Fangraphs and Baseball Savant. All of the most useful tabs are discussed as well as which statistics are best to look at.

Streaming Pitchers Section: Our favorite section of the draft kit dives deep into making well-educated streaming picks in your league. It includes lessons we learned in the 2020 season, key stats to look at, and our streaming formula.

Making The Jump: This section dives into players who seem to have a great acquisition cost at their current ADP. Jumping on these players can benefit you greatly.

Basic Underlying Metrics With Averages Section: This is a simple but useful tool where we display all common underlying metrics as well as their averages. You get both hitting and pitching metrics as well as averages for individual pitches. A great easy tool especially for those who are just starting to get into analytics.

Printable Cheat Sheet: There will be a printable cheat sheet with all of our rankings fit into one sheet. This will make it super easy for you to use our ranks on draft day.

How To Buy

Pricing and add-ons:

Draft Kit: $4.50 Regular

Draft Kit + Custom Rankings For One Of Your Leagues: $14.99 Regular

  • The way this works is you send us your custom league settings and we will adjust our rankings for your league.

Draft Kit + Custom Rankings For One Of Your Leagues + 1-on-1 Conversation: $19.99 Regular

  • On top of the custom rankings, you get an hour of 1-on-1 conversation with Michael Simione to go over the draft kit or anything else you’d like to discuss.

Alternative Option: SP Streamer has an amazing membership program and if you join the membership it includes the draft kit with custom rankings, our discord chat, and many other benefits for $14.99. You can find the details here.

Payment Options:

Venmo/Paypal: You can send the payment via Paypal (SPStreamer4@gmail.com) or Venmo (@SPStreamer). Venmo might ask you for the last four digits of my phone number, if you look under where it asks you, you can skip the step. When you send the payment please include your email in the comments. We will send you a confirmation email and put you on the email list for when it is released.

Website Shop: You will be able to find it in our shop and purchase it via PayPal or credit card.

The Analysts/Writers Who Contributed

Mike Kurland who currently writes for Rotoballer has written for Fantrax and is the host of The Bases Loaded Podcast. He was nominated and a finalist for the “Written Series for Fantasy Baseball,” FSWA award. He specializes in analyzing hitters and took care of all of our rankings for positional players and the how-to break down hitting section. You can follow Mike on Twitter at @Mike_Kurland.

Dave McDonald is an accomplished high stakes player who has one of the highest lifetime ROIs in the industry. He has won and placed in the vast majority of his NFBC leagues including Online Championships, Super Leagues, Satellites, Live Double Plays, and Main Events. He won his Main Event league in each of the last 2 years and placed 10th overall in 2019. He also dominates Yahoo Pro and high stakes Fantrax leagues each year as well so he’s familiar with many different formats. Dave wrote the entire draft strategy section of our draft kit. You can follow Dave on Twitter at @RunDMcD.

Shelly Verougstraete has one of the most impressive credentials you will ever see. She writes for PitcherList, Over the Monster, Prospects 365, and Fangraphs/RotoGraphs. She also hosts a very popular dynasty podcast called Dynasty Child. Shelly is a genius when it comes to evaluating prospects making our prospect rankings one of the best you’ll see. You can follow Shelly on Twitter at @ShellyV_643.

Chris Clegg writes for Fantrax and is an SP Streamer alum. He has recently released a new podcast called Prospect Toolshed that he co-hosts with Eric Cross. Chris consistently puts out great content for hitters, pitchers, prospects, and how to properly use analytics. In this draft kit, he takes on our relief pitcher rankings and helps you tackle one of the hardest categories in fantasy baseball. You can follow Chris on Twitter at @RotoClegg.

Michael Simione is the creator of SP Streamer. He started off giving advice to people on Twitter which then grew into a blog and podcast. He also writes for both Fantasy Pros and Fangraphs weekly. Specializing in pitching he brings his advice and expertise on starting pitcher rankings, streaming strategies, and how to break down pitching for this guide. You can follow him on Twitter at @SPStreamer.

Reviews From The 2020 Draft Kit:

“This is a fantastic piece of work. The long hours you took to create this high-quality product really shows through.”

“I took delivery on my draft kit a few hours ago, and to say that I am impressed with the work would be cutting it short. I follow your work on Twitter as well as the various podcast appearances you do. My knowledge of pitching and knowing what stats and metrics to pay attention to has increased tenfold since I started following you. Purchasing your draft kit was a no brainer for me and one of the smartest decisions I feel I've made in preparation for draft season this year. The way this is organized makes it super user-friendly to navigate, and the way the top 100 is broken into tiers will help tremendously on draft day for my various leagues. I respect the work, and will support any way I can. I will purchase this next year without hesitation if you decide to put out another one. This is getting printed out tomorrow at the copy store and put into a binder. Thanks again for putting this out there.”

“The SP Streamer draft kit is fantastic. Not only do you get in-depth info about pitchers and a top 100 list, but they also give you a CUSTOM top 100 list...BASED ON YOUR SCORING SYSTEM! I sent them a points-based H2H scoring system and got a custom list. Great stuff.”

“We supported SP Streamer by purchasing his draft pick. It arrived yesterday and is well worth the investment! Anyone wanting a leg up, or just a good read, will not regret going over to his page and purchasing it. Well done!”

“Still pouring through the pitching manifesto, but loving it so far! I definitely think it will give me the edge I need. I think the team overviews is my favorite part. Gives a nice succinct breakdown on every team pitching staff. Can identify which guys to own, which to throw out, and which to consider late. For $3, it would be foolish not to get this edge. Great job!”

“The kit that SP Streamer has created is the best deal in all of fantasy baseball. By far! Plus, they will Skype to walk you through it. Unbelievable!”

“So good, I highly recommend the kit!”

“As far as a review goes, I love the whole kit. You under promised and over delivered with the inclusion of streaming strategies, a prospect list, and more on top of the rankings. I enjoyed the analysis and learned a lot about each pitcher, how they're successful, and what pitches they throw. The kit is fantastic and totally worth it for the price. Thanks for putting the whole thing together.”

“Love the Draft Guide! An integral component to anyone's draft prep. Love the customization you get depending on your league-specific parameters. Well worth the cost. Thanks Mike!”