Target 5000: Summary

What did we learn from our Target 5000 analysis over the past ten weeks? I suppose #1 was that I forced a lot of classic movie quotes into fantasy baseball analysis…but MORE than that I think we learned what the targets are to be in the top 20 overall.

Through approximately 63% of the season (as of 7/31 AM) here are the levels that currently provide 500 points in each category and the estimated full-year target (please remember that batting average, ERA, and WHIP should all rise by season’s end due to the more generous hitting environment since early June).

TARGET 5000 – AT 7/31

Ø Runs Scored: 686

Ø Home Runs: 201

Ø Runs Batted In: 664

Ø Stolen Bases: 77

Ø Batting Average: .2596

Ø Strikeouts: 917

Ø Wins: 59

Ø Saves: 45

Ø ERA: 3.514

Ø WHIP: 1.15

So let’s analyze a few Main Event squads to see how they match up against these targets. The first table shows (as of 7/31 AM) the #1 overall team (Phil Dussault), the #20 overall team (Brent Grooms); and my podcast partner Rob DiPietro (at #57 overall). Unsurprisingly, you see a great deal of blue cells, which indicate that this category is equal to or exceeding the Target 5000 level. The only two categories giving these owners much trouble are Stolen Bases (except for Rob) and Saves (all three are below target). However, Phil and Rob have sent me urgent texts explaining that Kyle Finnegan will fix any issues they have in the save categories.

I’ve also provided an additional table for mere mortal Main Event owners. This second table shows (as of 7/31 AM) the #215 overall team (Scott Jenstad) because this is 1/3 of the way from the top; #322 overall (Gary Allen) because that is exactly halfway down the standings; and the #430 team (Hiep Hoang) since it is 2/3 of the way down the standings. There aren’t a lot of blue cells here – which is to be expected. But it’s interesting to see where the weaknesses are most prominent. For example, Scott’s team is doing quite well in HR, Wins, Saves, ERA and WHIP, but is falling short in RBI and Batting Average. This type of analysis can help owners target weaker categories and try to find players that will help in those areas.

FAAB Review

As of the morning of August 2nd, MLB has played 65.1% of the season, and Main Event fantasy owners have completed 19 of 27 FAAB periods (70%). Here are the Main Event FAAB totals across 645 teams including the winning bids from the August 2nd FAAB run:

For all eighteen FAAB runs thus far, the average Main Event team has won 33.1 bids this season (1.86 per week) and spent $852. This spending leaves the average team with $148 of FAAB, dropping their average weekly budget for the remaining 10 periods to $18.50.

Eddie O Leaves Omaha Behind!

In the nineteenth FAAB period of the season held on August 2nd, 10 players were picked up in 25 or more leagues (see below). Edward Olivares, who has recorded the most trips ever made between Omaha and Kansas City, was picked up in the most leagues (40) as he should be in line for regular playing time. Most fantasy owners do not know this, but Omaha is 185 miles north of Kansas City and your best bet is to take I-29 most of the way (Editor’s Note: This is completely irrelevant.) In addition, Kyle Finnegan, who was recently adopted by Phil Dussault and Rob DiPietro, was added in 39 leagues, and Tyler Clippard, who is likely to close for the Diamondbacks was picked up in 38.

The big prize, of course, was Eloy Jimenez, who was added in the 35 leagues where