Streaming Relievers for the Week of 4/5-4/11

The baseball season is underway and with that comes hectic bullpen situations. With only a couple of days of data and not every team recording a win, we don’t know exactly how each team’s bullpen lines up with respect to roles. There have been noteworthy appearances, however. Here are the top relievers I’d be looking to stream for the upcoming week.

Jake McGee

McGee is a little above the 50% rostered percentage I set for qualifying as a shallow league streamer, but this is likely the last time you’ll be able to grab him in deep or shallow leagues. After McGee set down the Mariners in order in a tie game in the bottom of the ninth on Thursday, he came back to pick up a stress-free save on Friday in the Giants’ first victory. His usage in the ninth inning, effectiveness, and the lack of a clear competitor makes McGee an easy streaming target, and likely more if he can continue his success from 2020.

Hansel Robles

Robles’ velocity appears to have returned after a disastrous 2020 season. He reached as high as 98.1 MPH on his fastball while sitting at 97 MPH, the same average fastball velocity he had during his breakout 2019 season. If Robles is fully back from his poor 2020, he should compete with the Twins’ other quality arms for high leverage moments. For those of you in holds leagues, he should see plenty of opportunities next week. The Twins are set to face the Tigers and Mariners.

Emmanuel Clase

He hasn’t pitched yet this season, but that may be a positive sign for his future usage. In the eighth inning of their opening day game, Cleveland went to James Karinchak. This was while they were trailing. Two days later Cleveland turned to Nick Wittgren in the seventh inning of a game they were losing by one run. This may not be a definitive statement on their planned usage, the fact that Cleveland was comfortable turning to Clase’s two top competitors for saves in games where they were losing while not putting Clase in is a good sign for Clase. He’s worth a shot for this week, given Cleveland is scheduled to go up against the Royals and Tigers.

RP Streamer Chart

Below is the reliever streaming chart which will be updated throughout the season. This is where I will be tracking potential streaming relievers for the upcoming weeks. It will have the relievers' stats and the stats of their upcoming opponent. There is also a statistic called game leverage index, which represents the importance of a specific event by quantifying how much the win probability for a team can change in the specific event. For example, entering a game with a clean ninth inning and a three-run lead is not as high leverage as entering a game with a one-run lead and runners on base in the seventh inning. This stat should let us know which relievers a manager trusts the most based on the leverage index when they bring in the reliever. A game leverage index of 1.0 represents a neutral situation. Finally, there is a section on what category or categories you can expect each reliever to help your team in. For any questions on how to read the chart or who to stream, I'm available on Twitter @AwesomeVictorAA.