Streaming Hitters for the Week of 8/23-8/29

After a two-week hiatus, UTStreamer is back!

Oh my goodness did I just refer to myself in the third person? Let's try this again...

I am back, and (hopefully!) better than ever (I don't understand why people always make this bold claim). Normally, this is the point in the program where I would give a shoutout to Justin Dunbar (@TalkMvp) for the good work he did streaming hitters in my absence, but I'll pass.

No thanks.

I get back from my honeymoon, log onto my computer, and what's this I see... Justin's stream of the week is the YANKEES!! The same week the Yankees passed the Red Sox in the standings, and Justin picked them as his stream of the week. Clearly not a coincidence. We don't root for the death star here. Thanks, but no thanks... Justin.

The Yankee hate is coming from a place of deep insecurity and jealousy as a Red Sox fan.

Jokes aside, I am making a couple of adjustments to my process. The first of which is inspired by Justin's good work. I have always felt my chart is too cluttered, and I noticed that Justin made the decision to list three (instead of five) hitters in each category. One streamer for shallow leagues, one for standard leagues, and one for deep leagues. This change makes a ton of sense to me, and I am going to try it out this week. Of course, that means there will be slightly fewer players on the chart, so, as always, if you need additional advice, please DM me on Twitter (@UTStreamer). I promise I don't bite... very hard.

The second change I am making would certainly go unnoticed if I didn't mention it. I want you the reader to suffer through more words this week, so you can share my suffering as a Red Sox fan (sorry to my editor who is a Mets fan. Double suffering for you my friend). Anyway, most weeks I limit the number of teams from which I allow myself to stream based on matchup quality. This week only three teams qualified: Angels, Rays, and Red Sox. Two of those teams only play five games, and the other team was the terrible Red Sox. As such, I decided to open up the streaming pool to all teams and all players. Should be a fun week.

However, before we can get to those streamers, as always, here is how we are performing this season.

2.81 R (0.23 worse than MLB average)

3.10 RBI (0.21 better than MLB average)

0.98 HR (0.16 better than MLB average)

0.44 SB (0.14 better than MLB average)

.302 AVG (.059 better than MLB average)

.353 OBP (.036 better than MLB average)

.476 SLG (.068 better than MLB average)

Stream of the Week: Harrison Bader STL - OF, 18% Rostered

I simply cannot get enough of this guy. To be honest, I have probably said that about all three of the St. Louis Cardinals starting (when healthy) outfielders. However, I feel Bader is the most underappreciated of the bunch. Yes, it is true that he is a more valuable asset in real life than in fantasy. I mean the dude is a wizard with the glove. That defense gets him every day playing time, and, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, at-bats rule the day in the land of streaming hitters.

Bader's eliteness extends beyond his defense...