Streaming Hitters for the Week of 7/26-8/1

Justin Upton is back!

For those of you who are new to my weekly streaming article, this is big news. The foundation of our success was built upon the back of Justin Upton and his many timely home runs. It will come as no surprise he is making his return to the streaming chart (found below) this week. However, he may never again be mentioned in this article, as even after his injury he is still rostered in over 30% of leagues (the arbitrary cutoff I use for determining if a player can be mentioned in this article, the cutoff for the chart is 50%). So thank you Justin Upton for all you have done!

Something I have noticed over the last few weeks is you all are too smart and ahead of the game, as the number of good hitters available for streaming continues to dwindle. Last week, we essentially streamed the Arizona Diamondbacks - the worst team in the league. I must say though, that has gone shockingly well so far, as they are averaging 7 runs per game on the week. Well, if you thought Arizona felt wrong, wait until you see which team we are all over this week...

But before we get there, a quick recap of how our season is going.

2.80 R (0.21 worse than MLB average)

3.15 RBI (0.29 better than MLB average)

1.02 HR (0.22 better than MLB average)

0.43 SB (0.12 better than MLB average)

.284 AVG (.044 better than MLB average)

.338 OBP (.022 better than MLB average)

.475 SLG (.072 better than MLB average)

Stream of the Week: The Detroit Tigers

I enjoyed calling my shot with the Arizona Diamondbacks last week and giving you a whole team to stream. It wasn't always my plan to do it again, but the Tigers just made for too perfect of an opportunity. Last week, I picked the Diamondbacks because they get unfairly ignored due to their lack of success in real life. The same is probably true for the Detroit Tigers.

However, the Tigers are not the pushovers they once were. Like the Diamondbacks, they actually have a league-average offense, which again is all we care about in fantasy. Unlike the Diamondbacks, the Tigers are actually good (?). I was watching the Tigers game yesterday, and a graphic popped up on their broadcast. Apparently, since early May (I don't remember the exact date, but it was shockingly long ago) the Tigers are the fifth-best team in the AL. On top of that, the Tigers are currently in the middle of a seven-game winning streak (potentially longer by the time you read this). All of that to say, please leave your anti-Tiger bias at the door, and keep an open mind.

The key to streaming hitters is finding players who play every day and rack up a large number of at-bats, and the Tigers have three hitters who meet these criteria. One for everyone's league type.

In shallow leagues Robbie Grossman.

In standard leagues Jeimer Candelario.

In deep leagues Miguel Cabrera.

Oh and I almost forget to mention, primarily thanks to four games versus the Orioles, the Tigers have the absolute best matchups in the league next week.

Bottom Line: The Tigers are not bad (trust me) and have an amazing schedule next week. It is time to put some proper respect on their players.

Need Batting Average? Nico Hoerner CHC - 2B, 3B, SS, 18% Rostered

The Cubs will be the center of a lot of trade rumors next week, as they prepare to transition to a new core of young players. At the center of that core, is former Cubs' top prospect Nico Hoerner. Hoerner has been as advertised this season