Streaming Hitters for the Week of 6/7-6/13

I am writing this as I embark across the country to my new home. From the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the even more beautiful home of the Red Sox — Boston. What that means for this article is that under each of my picks will be less analysis than usual. Moving takes a lot of time. However, I assure you, the thought and time that went into each of the below choices was the same as any previous week. I'd like to say that is because I am dedicated to my craft, but it is mostly because I am forced into doing the same thing every week. My process is completely mathematical. A thirteen-tab excel spreadsheet that ultimately informs my charts. So rest assured, these picks were made with good reason. The same good reason that has led to so much success this year.

Stream of the Week: Jon Berti - MI, OF, CI 8% Rostered

If you read the article last week you know that we added stolen bases, and you also know that Berti was our stolen base streamer of the week. This week I am upgrading him to the stream of the week. Yes, Berti's value comes mostly from his stolen bases, but this week he has the opportunity to rack up counting stats as well. The Marlins are one of only three teams that play 7 games. The average number of games per team next week is 5.8 (by far the lowest of the season). Berti is a premier base stealer, and he is playing every day right now. I really shouldn't have to say much more than this, but I am going to keep saying into until his roster percentage increases.

Make Sure he is Rostered (Shallow Pick): Jonathan Villar - MI, CI 40% Rostered

I think I am going to make this the stolen base article, as here we have yet another player who derives most of his value from stealing bases. Villar is somehow the only player that is greater than 30% rostered who made the chart this week, so I had to pick him here. Nonetheless, if it is clear by next week that he is healthy and good to go, you have to pick him up.

Remember when like 5 seconds ago I said Villar gets most of his value from stealing bases. Note that I did not say all. Unlike other similar players, Villar is capable of providing more than just steals. His slash line just last week is .333/.429/.417. And yes he also stole a base.

Need a Home Run? Hunter Renfroe - OF, 28% Rostered

For all the haters*, who don't like that I pick Justin Upton for this part of the column every week, HE HOMERED AGAIN! However, Upton is only my third favorite choice to hit a home run this week. My top choice is a simple one. Hunter Renfroe is scorching hot and plays 7 games this week**

*I am not a big enough deal to actually have haters, so I just pretend.

**See Stream of the Week for why 7 games, is even better than usual this coming week

Need Batting Average? Harold Ramirez - OF, 2% Rostered

If you look at my chart, four out of our five batting average streamers play for Cleveland. What that tells me is that Cleveland's schedule next week must be quite advantageous for batting average. I trust the math. Do you?

Need Stolen Bases? Billy Hamilton - OF, 3% Rostered

Even to the most casual of baseball fans, when you say the name Billy Hamilton, they think stolen bases. As such, you are probably not surprised to see Hamilton's name here. What you might be surprised to know, is Hamilton is starting nearly every day right now for the White Sox. It helps to be on a team with a lot of outfield injuries and an old-school manager. But it also helps that Hamilton, for the first time in a long time, is showing some ability to hit right now. Not a lot but some. Enough to earn him playing time.

Bonus Streaming Notes

Best Pitcher Matchups: Rays, Angels, Marlins

Worst Pitcher Matchups: Diamondbacks, Braves, Pirates

Best Ballpark Schedule: Reds, Brewers, Red Sox

Worst Ballpark Schedule: Padres, Rays, A's

Best Stolen Base Schedule: Orioles, Padres, Cubs

Worst Stolen Base Schedule: Angels, Nationals, Astros

Most Matchups Against Ri