• Josh St. Marie

Streaming Hitters for the Week of 5/3-5/9

Last Week's Picks (4/26-5/2)

Updated through Friday, April 30th


The benchmarks for last week (League Average multiplied by Avg. # Games Played this week):

3.0 R, 2.8 RBI, 0.80 HR, .234 BA, .310 OBP, and .392 SLG.

On a per-player basis, all 15 streamers have put up the following stat line:

2.9 R, 2.7 RBI, 0.93 HR, .259 BA, .345 OBP, and .459 SLG

Our top 5 streamers on a per-player basis were also successful:

3.2 R, 2.4 RBI, 1.2 HR, .245 BA, .333 OBP, and .456 SLG

Last week we cleared our benchmarks for success in EVERY category overall. Although we didn't repeat that feat this wee, we had another successful week.

BA, OBP, and SLG are all above our goals for the third straight week. Our players continue to get hits, get on base, and smash the ball. The only possible knock against our streamers this year is they haven't consistently delivered R, RBI, and HR ("counting stats"). This week we were barely under our R and RBI goals but were well above HR. We did hit all three goals last week, but overall we seem to do worse at the counting stats than the rate one. Since this is a consistent pattern, extra care and attention will be paid to upping those counting stats moving forward.

Performance by Category

Let's dig in deeper and look specifically at the 5 players chosen for each category.

R: 2.8 R per player, 2/5 above target

RBI: 2.2 RBI per player, 3/5 above target

HR: 0.8 HR player, 4/5 above target

BA: .298 AVG, 4/5 above target

OBP: .387 OBP, 4/5 above target

SLG: .490 SLG, 3/5 above target

Once again, the majority of our streamers are delivering the goods. We are currently successfully streaming categories at a ridiculous 78% clip! That is clearly unsustainable, but let's see how long we can keep up this hot streak.

Stream of the Week: Bobby Dalbec - CI, 18% Rostered

If you are following any fantasy analysts or enthusiasts, you have probably heard them mention how unlucky Bobby Dalbec has been. He is currently sporting a .224 batting average and a .358 SLG, despite a .293 expected batting average and a .572 expected SLG. As such, the discord around Bobby Dalbec has become less about IF the breakout can happen and more so about WHEN it will happen. Well, I have an answer to when...

Bobby Dalbec will break out this week! Trust the numbers. So far every single player who has graded out as the top stream of the week has delivered (Castro, Upton/Enrique, and Riley). It is Boby Dalbec's turn this week.

Make Sure he is Rostered (Shallow Pick): Jorge Polanco - MI, 42% Rostered

Admittedly, Polanco has had a rough start to the season (he is hitting below the Mendoza Line), and his baseball savant page has way more blue than you might expect for a player with his name recognition. It should come as no surprise then to see Polanco dropped in enough leagues to qualify him as a streamer.

The Twins offense as a whole has not really gotten going yet. Although they haven't been bad (11th in runs per game), many expected much more from the Twins offense. Fangraphs still has high expectations. They project the Twins as the third-best offense moving forward. I trust Fangraphs. If they are right, that bodes well for Polanco who will be hitting in the middle of the Twins offense nearly every day.

In a seven-game week and with easy matchups on the horizon, the whole Twins offense, Polanco included, should get it going this week. This is a make or break week for Polanco, and I strongly believe it will be a make. Hold on to Polanco for at least this week, and if someone dropped him in your league, pick him up!

Need a Home Run? Willie Calhoun- UT, 4% Rostered

I am dipping down to my 4th ranked HR streamer this week as Dalbec (picked as the stream of the week), Adolis Garcia (too highly rostered), and Hunter Renfroe (playing time concerns) don't qualify. But I still feel great about Willie Calhoun.

Willie Calhoun is playing nearly every day for the Rangers. He even got a start in the OF Friday night (he usually DHs). Calhoun can never seem to catch a break, especially when it comes to his health. I am not saying, this is the year Calhoun will stay healthy and deliver us what was promised years ago. What I am saying though, is I still believe he is a good ballplayer and I know he is healthy right now. I am riding with Calhoun until the Rangers are not.

Need Batting Average? Alex Kirilloff - CI, OF, 24% Rostered

This is the only part of our picks/chart that we just can't seem to get right. Technically, two weeks back Josh Fuentes beat our benchmark/goal, but not until late in the week. Also, he only played a few games that week, so he barely counts. Our pick last week, Pavin Smith, is hitting a gross .176. The thing is, overall, we have been crushing BA. It seems that of our 5 picks, whoever I pick for this part of the article is destined for failure, but the other four succeed. That stops now! Everyone succeeds this week.

All 5 of our batting average streamers this week come from the Twins. Going down the list: Arraez is known for his hit tool but that is essentially his only tool, we already picked Polanco for our stream of the week, Astudillo's playing time is merky with Kepler back in the lineup, and so we land on a player who everyone should have already picked up - Alex Kirilloff.

Seriously though. Pick Kirilloff up (for more than just batting average). Literally as I am writing this, Kirilloff just hit his second big fly of the night. It boils down to this. Do you need batting average help (the answer is yes)? And do you want the next potential young superstar on your team (another definite yes)? Then Alex Kiriloff is the man for you! He is the man for everyone!

The Chart

As always, you can find more hitters to stream in my chart which can be seen below, or found using this link on the tab for "next week". If you click the link on a laptop, google doc provides the ability to filter on the chart without messing with what other viewers see. Should you wish to do that, here is how.

  1. Highlight the columns, including all the data, that you wish to filter (make sure to not highlight the first column "Date")

  2. At the top where you see File, Edit, View, etc. Click on Data > Filter Views > Create New Temporary Filter View

  3. Get filtering!

If you have any questions about the chart, players, or streaming decisions, my Twitter handle is @UTStreamer (my DMs are open). Happy Streaming!