• Josh St. Marie

Streaming Hitters for the Week of 5/17-5/23

Last Week's Picks (5/10-5/16)

Due to foreseen circumstances (yes, I meant to say foreseen), I am writing this article a day earlier than normal. That means nearly 43% of "last week" is still to be played. As such, I feel it pointless to do a summary of the previous week.

Instead, I will plug two places where you can keep track of how we did. The first place is my streaming chart. If you scroll to the right you can see how each of our 12 streamers from last week are fairing. Below the chart, you can also find the combined stats of everyone. I try to update these stats daily in the morning or early afternoon.

The other place you can see results is by following my Twitter: @UTStreamer. Every Monday, I tweet out the previous week's results broken down by each streaming category. My tweet includes results for the whole week, whereas this weekly article only includes the stats through Friday. So make sure to give me a follow!

Now for the actual reason, you are here! Our streamers for the coming week!

Stream of the Week: Starlin Castro - OF, 11% Rostered

Admittedly this is not a great week for streamers, but one team stands above the rest. Of the 35 available spots on my streaming chart, a ridiculous 20 of those spots are filled by Washington Nationals players. Starlin Castro is a big reason why. He holds 7 of those spots himself. This means, for the first time this year, one of our streamers shows up in the top 5 of EVERY single category on our chart (Overall/Points, AVG, HR, R, RBI, OBP, and SLG). Personally, I am a little skeptical of Castro's ability to hit home runs at this point in his career, as he only has one home run on the season. Interestingly, Castro hit that home run the last time he was the stream of week. Can he do it again? Even if he doesn't, Castro can easily return value.

Make Sure he is Rostered (Shallow Pick): Kyle Schwarber - OF, 46% Rostered AND Joc Pederson - OF, 31% Rostered

You get a twofer this week. Both Schwarber and Pederson were industry favorites during draft season, but it seems like that offseason hype has completely worn off. Perhaps too soon.

I wrote about Schwarber in this section last week. Normally, I would try not to repeat a player in the same section, but somehow Schwarber's rostership percentage dropped an additional 2% over the last week. It is time to put an end to that trend! You might be wondering what Schwarber did to warrant such a thing... BEATS ME! As of the time I am writing this, Schwarber is slashing .273/.385/.545 as a shallow league streamer over the last week. Pick Schwarber up before your whole league realizes he's about to go on an extended hot streak.

As for Pederson, he is one of two Chicago Cubs to make the chart this week. That is notable because it is the first time all season a Cubs player has made the chart. Like I said about Schwarber last week, Pederson is the type of player who can help win you the week with only a few swings of the bat. This is Pederson's 7th season in the MLB. In his previous 6, he has finished in the top 10% of the league in either average exit velocity or max exit velocity in every single season. In other words, Pederson can mash. If you are worried about Peterson's struggles against lefties, don't be. At least not this week. As things stand right now, Pederson is set to face 6 righties next week.

Need a Home Run? Justin Upton - OF, 18% Rostered

Other than Castro, Justin Upton is probably the player that shows up most frequently in this weekly streaming article. I should add - for good reason. Every time we stream him, he hits a home run. This coming week, it is happening again. Why am I so confident? The Angels play eight games. Nope, that wasn't a typo! The Angels play at least one game every day in the coming week and they have a doubleheader on Thursday. Technically, with the 7 inning doubleheaders, they play closer to 7.5 games. But we round up here. So ask yourself, how many times will you have the opportunity to stream a player whose team plays 8 times in one week?

Need Batting Average? Yandy Diaz - CI, 5% Rostered

We have been struggling with this section to start the season, but it seems we have finally done well! Last week's choice, Starlin Castro (I mean who else), cannot stop getting hits. The dude is hitting over .500 since Monday. If you haven't realized it yet, we love Starlin Castro here. Of course, we upgraded Castro for this upcoming week to Stream of the Week, so we head to option number 2. On-base machine. Yandy Diaz.

Diaz walks all the time. That doesn't help us with batting average. However, when he isn't walking, Diaz almost always makes contact. That does help us with batting average. "Good things happen when you put the ball in play." Diaz is hitting .258 this season (league average is .234), and his career batting average is .272. That is good, but probably not enough to catch your eye. What should catch your eye is the Rays face the easiest schedule of starting pitchers this coming week. "Ya... that'll play!"

The Chart

As always, you can find more hitters to stream in my chart which can be seen below, or found using this link on the tab for "next week". If you click the link on a laptop, google doc provides the ability to filter on the chart without messing with what other viewers see. Should you wish to do that, here is how.

  1. Highlight the columns, including all the data, that you wish to filter (make sure to not highlight the first column "Date")

  2. At the top where you see File, Edit, View, etc. Click on Data > Filter Views > Create New Temporary Filter View

  3. Get filtering!

If you have any questions about the chart, players, or streaming decisions, my Twitter handle is @UTStreamer (my DMs are open). Happy Streaming!