• Josh St. Marie

Streaming Hitters for the Week of 5/10-5/16

Last Week's Picks (5/3-5/9)

Updated through Friday, May 7th


The benchmarks for last week (League Average multiplied by Avg. # Games Played this week):

3.1 R, 2.9 RBI, 1.15 HR, .233 BA, .310 OBP, and .391 SLG.

On a per-player basis, all 13 streamers have put up the following stat line:

1.9 R, 1.4 RBI, 0.6 HR, .256 BA, .325 OBP, and .561 SLG

Our top 5 streamers on a per-player basis are ABSOLUTELY DOMINATING:

3.0 R, 3.2 RBI, 0.8 HR, .296 BA, .359 OBP, and .662 SLG

Not much to say except another successful week overall!

Performance by Category

Let's dig in deeper and look specifically at the 5 players chosen for each category.

R: 1.4 R per player, 1/5 above target

RBI: 3.2 RBI per player, 3/5 above target

HR: 1.2 HR player, 5/5 above target

BA: .265 AVG, 4/5 above target

OBP: .309 OBP, 2/5 above target

SLG: .553 SLG, 4/5 above target

Another awesome week! As it stands right now, we found success in 4 out of 6 of the categories which actually brings our season-long success rate down to 75%! That's how well we have been doing. We killed it again, and our success rate when down!

It is sad to see OBP so poor. If our streamers don't pick it up Saturday and Sunday, it will be the first time we failed to find overall success in a rate-based category.

I would also like to take this time to officially declare war on the category of runs. Runs, I will conquer you! You better watch your back!

Stream of the Week: Nick Senzel - OF, 28% Rostered

The model I use to inform my chart really loves Senzel this week... and I mean REALLY loves! The way I generate overall grades for players is based on whoever the top streamer is for the week. For example, this week Senzel is my top streamer, so he is given a grade of 100. Then each subsequent streamer is given a grade relative to Senzel's projected performance. On average, the second-best streamer in any given week receives a grade of 97.2. The lowest grade I have given a second-ranked streamer is 94. I think you can see where this is headed... 94 is no longer the record.

The new lowest is 91! Simply put, this means Senzel is the top streamer of the week by quite a bit. And it isn't like there are not any good hitters to stream this week. In fact, Senzel is crushing two previous streams of the week: Justin Upton and Starlin Castro. In addition to Senzel being the top overall streamer, I also have him as the top streamer for batting average, runs, RBI, and on-base percentage.

If you are wondering why Senzel is grading so high, the answer is quite simple. 4 games against the Rockies in Coors Field - the field of (fantasy) dreams. STREAM THIS MAN!

Make Sure he is Rostered (Shallow Pick): Kyle Schwarber - OF, 48% Rostered

It is a good day for me when a player like Schwarber dips below the 50% rostered mark that makes him eligible to be a streamer. It always makes for an easy inclusion in the chart. Yes, I am well aware of Schwarbers rough start to the season. Yes, I know he strikes out a lot. Yes, I know he flirts with the Mendoza line. Whatever your knock is against Scwarber, trust me, I KNOW.

But there are not many players in the league who the ball as hard as this man. There certainly are not a lot that are this available. Schwarber has the potential to win you a week with only a few swings of the bat. That is a player I want on my team. You just have you pick your spots. With one of the easier schedules of opposing pitchers this week, and with Juan Soto back in the lineup, this could be one of those weeks.

The only caveat I will add is Schwarber, a lefty, is set to face three lefties this week. Especially since he has been cold of late, the Nationals may elect to give Scwarber at least one day off this week. However, I already factored that into my grade for him. There are certainly options I like better this week that are less owned than Scwarber (see chart), but factoring in season-long impact, see if Schwarber is available in your league. Better days are ahead, and there is a good chance those days start this week.

Need a Home Run? Hunter Renfroe - OF, 5% Rostered

Quietly, Hunter Renfroe has come basically an everyday player for the Red Sox. After a solid week in which he homered, in conjunction with Kike Hernandez heading to the IL, it seems likely Renfroe will continue to see nearly every day playing time. That makes this week's choice to hit a home run, relatively easy. Especially considering the Red Sox have seven games this week. They play one game in Camden Yards and six in Fenway Park. As a righty, that gives Renfroe more than enough opportunities to go yard. Honestly, I would be kind of disappointed if Renfroe didn't hit multiple home runs this week.

Need Batting Average? Starlin Castro - MI, CI, 10% Rostered

Thanks to those four games in Coors, the top three players for batting average this week are all Reds: Senzel, Akiyama, and Farmer. Senzel is already our stream of the week, so we cannot pick him here. I have major concerns about Akiyama and Farmer's playing time, so I am unwilling to pick them. That brings me to one of my favorite streamers on which to fall back - Starlin Castro.

I haven't had an opportunity to mention Castro in one of these columns in a few weeks, but I will remind the new readers that Castro is one of the safest widely available players. He also happens to be multi-positional eligible on most fantasy baseball platforms. The dude is just consistent year over year. He is the ideal player to plug into a lineup in desperate need of a safe floor.

Castro is by no means the sexy pick, and he isn't really the easy pick (I mean seriously do you ever hear anyone talking about him), but he is the safe pick. He is the player you pick up when your roster is ravaged with injuries, there is nothing good on the waivers, and you want to stop the bleeding while you wait for the next big thing. He is the pick you make when you are 0/4 in this section (technically 2/4, but the two times we were right the players ended up hardly playing), and are desperate for a win.

Starlin Castro can save us all!

The Chart

As always, you can find more hitters to stream in my chart which can be seen below, or found using this link on the tab for "next week". If you click the link on a laptop, google doc provides the ability to filter on the chart without messing with what other viewers see. Should you wish to do that, here is how.

  1. Highlight the columns, including all the data, that you wish to filter (make sure to not highlight the first column "Date")

  2. At the top where you see File, Edit, View, etc. Click on Data > Filter Views > Create New Temporary Filter View

  3. Get filtering!

If you have any questions about the chart, players, or streaming decisions, my Twitter handle is @UTStreamer (my DMs are open). Happy Streaming!