• Josh St. Marie

Streaming Hitters for the Week of 4/5-4/11

Baseball. Is. Back.

That’s my whole intro. Do I really need to say anything else?

Who to Stream? My Favorites

The Boston Red Sox! All of them! (Specifically Bobby Dalbec, Enrique Hernandez, and Hunter Renfroe)

So, I may be a Red Sox fan, but I promise you this is not bias. The Red Sox have an incredible schedule next week: Michael Wacha, Tyler Glasnow, Ryan Yarbrough, Matt Harvey, Bruce Zimmermann, and Jorge Lopez. For those wondering, that is the projected easiest schedule of any team next week. In fact, it is the easiest by ERA, hits allowed, and home runs allowed. That alone is fantastic for us streamers, but it gets betters. The Red Sox play three games in Fenway and then three more in Camden! Yes, please!!!

Considering the Red Sox have one of the best offenses in the league, streaming Red Sox is the epitome of a no-brainer. So easy, even Yankees fans can do it. I would be looking to pick up all Red Sox everywhere, and, where I can, I will be trying to fit multiple Sox in my lineups.

Joey Votto

According to FantasyPros Joey Votto is only rostered in 24% of leagues. I say “according” because I do not believe it. I cannot believe it. That roster percentage is simply too low. Votto hits 3rd in an offense that is completely underrated. When people think of the Reds, they probably think of their offensive woes in the postseason last year (is there a stronger word than woes because they were that bad). But we shouldn’t get carried away. Look at the batters hitting around Votto: N. Castellanos (99% rostered), E. Suarez (98%), and M. Moustakas (94%). Pretty good!

By the way, Jessie Winker is hitting in front of all these guys right now. For some reason, Winker is getting no love on specifically ESPN (37% rostered). If you play on ESPN, please go pick up Winker.

Anyway, back to Votto. He is hitting in the middle of the Reds lineup, which alone warrants rostering in more leagues. That is a lot of R and RBI opportunities. Votto showed signs last year that he has a little bit left in the tank, and with some easier matchups on deck, we could see some flashes of the old Votto next week.

Jay Bruce

Luke Voit was the first Yankee to get injured this year. Besides Voit, the rest of the Yankee lineup is healthy (for now), which means they probably have the best offense in the league as things currently stand. The Yankees have one of those lineups where simply having an everyday spot in the lineup makes a player good for fantasy. Enter Jay Bruce.

Bruce hits bombs, and the Yankees are in the best possible situation for power hitters this coming week. They are tied with the Red Sox for the best schedule of opposing, home-run-allowing pitchers, and, I would be remiss not to mention, three games in Yankee stadiums always helps. Bruce is my streamer choice for most likely to hit a couple of home runs next week.

Adam Eaton

So I guess Adam Eaton will be replacing Eloy Jimenez near the top of the White Sox lineup against righties. I am not here to defend that decision, but 2nd is the best sport in the order to score runs. Batters who hit second also get more RBI opportunities than you might expect. Considering Eaton will steal and hit for average, if he continues to hit second in the White Sox lineup, he will become quite the fantasy asset. If people are paying attention, then next week Eaton will no longer qualify as a deep league streamer.

Note: The White Sox will face 3 righties and 3 lefties next week. Against lefties, Eaton should hit in the bottom third of the lineup, but I still wanted to mention him because he needs to be picked up for the time being.