• Josh St. Marie

Streaming Hitters for the Week of 4/26-5/2

Last Week's Picks (4/19-4/25)

Updated through Sunday, April 25th


Our targets for this week (League Average multiplied by Avg. # Games Played this week):

2.9 R, 2.7 RBI, 0.77 HR, .233 BA, .312 OBP, and .391 SLG.

On a per-player basis, all 16 streamers have put up the following stat line:

3.4 R, 2.8 RBI, 0.85 HR, .254 BA, .321 OBP, and .459 SLG

Our top 5 streamers did just as well:

3.0 R, 3.4 RBI, 1.40 HR, .245 BA, .299 OBP, and .491 SLG

We did it! For the first time, we cleared our target in every single category overall. The only miss was our top 5 streamers did not meet the OBP target. We are certainly riding hot right now!

But that is overall... how did we do with the specific streamers we recommended.

Performance by Category

Let's dig in deeper and look specifically at the 5 players chosen for each category.

R: 3.8 R per player, 4/5 above target

RBI: 2.4 RBI per player, 2/5 above target

HR: 0.6 HR player, 2/5 above target

BA: .365 AVG, 5/5 above target

OBP: .447 OBP, 4/5 above target

SLG: .690 SLG, 3/5 above target

Wow... what a week! We crushed it in 4 of our categories, and we were close to meeting our goal on the other two. A couple more weeks like this, and we may have to make the target slightly harder. Until then, let's see if we can repeat our success this week...

Stream of the Week: Rougned Odor - MI, 2% Rostered

I knew this week would come... the week the Yankees force us haters to stop pretending the Yankees are bad. 7 games. 4 against the Orioles in Camden Yards. 3 against the Tigers in Yankee Stadium. Every Yankee is in play this week. I don't care how bad they have looked, you are playing them this week. You have to! Well, I guess you don't have to, but if you want to win, you have to.

There are only two Yankees with semi-regular playing time who are less than 30% rostered — Rougned Odor and Mike Ford. I am rolling with Odor as my steam of the week. It could very well be a week marked by one of those legendary hot streaks from Odor.

Make Sure he is Rostered (Shallow Pick): Austin Riley - CI, 42% Rostered

This is going to be the last week Austin Riley qualifies as any sort of streamer. Why? Because he's about to explode at the seams. Or at least the baseball's Riley is hitting will, as he is starting to pound the ball. His continually improving approach at the plate is finally paying dividends. During Riley's rookie year, he had a K% of 36.4%. That fell to 23.8% last year and is down to 20.3% this year. Meanwhile, his BB% has increased from 5.4% to 7.8% to 10.9%. In other words, Riley is now solidly above average at avoiding strikeouts and drawing walks. Add on top of that a player who as a prospect had 70-grade power, and you have potential for one BIG A** bat in the middle of an awesome Braves lineup. If he is available, pick up Austin Riley now while people still might not realize how much Riley has turned it around at the plate of recent.

Need a Home Run? Justin Upton - OF, 20% Rostered

There is not much more to say about Upton that I haven't already said in past articles. He was the stream of the week last week, and he did not disappoint, smashing 2 HR. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I am just going to keep selecting Upton here watch him hit bomb after bomb until people finally pick him up.

Need Batting Average? Pavin Smith - CI, OF, 3% Rostered

Our streamers have had no problem with batting average so far this year, yet somehow, whoever I select for this part of the article hits right around .200. It is time to break the curse. Arizona has one of the easiest schedules this week as far as opposing starting pitching is concerned. Pavin Smith was selected seventh overall by the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2017. As a prospect, his highest-graded tool was his bat (60), and he proved he could hit for average in the minors to the tune of a career .281 average. How's he doing in the pros? This year he is in the 90 percentile in expected batting average with a phenomenal expected batting average of .320. This has to be the dude to break the curse, right??

The Chart

As always, you can find more hitters to stream in my chart which can be seen below, or found using this link on the tab for "next week". If you click the link on a laptop, google doc provides the ability to filter on the chart without messing with what other viewers see. Should you wish to do that, here is how.

  1. Highlight the columns, including all the data, that you wish to filter (make sure to not highlight the first column "Date")

  2. At the top where you see File, Edit, View, etc. Click on Data > Filter Views > Create New Temporary Filter View

  3. Get filtering!

If you have any questions about the chart, players, or streaming decisions, my Twitter handle is @UTStreamer (my DMs are open). Happy Streaming!