Streamer Pick 9/7

Last Night's Result

Well Justin Dunn worked out pretty well! He went six innings while allowing only two runs and produced a solid WHIP as well. Moving forward Dunn is nothing more than a streamer, especially with his limited strikeout upside. As I said on twitter when in doubt streamer against the Rangers.

The Pick

Not a ton of options today as it is Monday and we have a small slate. We are rolling with Michael Pineda. In his first outing, he looked great and was able to go six innings. Knowing they will let him go deep into games makes him a viable streaming option. Just remember Pineda hasn't had better than a four ERA in years and also has a home run problem.

Tomorrow's Pick

Josh Lindblom

Day After Tomorrow's Pick

Tommy Milone

Stream Sheet (turn your phone sideways for a better view)


Link to Stream Sheet here.