Streamer Pick 9/6

Last Night's Result

While we technically went one for two last night but that's because Anthony DeSclafani only went four innings. Both him and Sheffield provided decent ratios for your team. Sheffield is a really good streaming option moving forward as he has proven to be able to take care of the weaker offenses. A lesson we learned last night: always stream against the Rangers.

The Pick

We are going to keep picking on the Rangers today and we are going to roll out Justin Dunn. Dunn has really only had one blow up this year, otherwise he has been a very serviceable pitcher. He has been locating his four-seam really well and it holds a 7.0 pVAL already this season. Much like Sheffield, he is a solid streamer against the right teams.

Tomorrow's Pick

Michael Pineda

Day After Tomorrow's Pick

Julio Teheran

Stream Sheet (turn your phone sideways for a better view)

Link to Stream Sheet here.