Streamer Pick 9/5

Last Night's Result

Okay so here is what I learned last night, don't get overhyped on young pitchers. Young pitchers are typically erratic and while they do throw some really great games they will struggle. MLB hitters are there for a reason and they know how to adjust. Don't get me wrong Dunning, Garcia, and Fleming all had good matchups. But they all have a lot to learn no matter their skill set. At least Kikuchi threw a gem.

The Pick

We have two pitchers going today! Justus Sheffield draws the same matchup that Kikuchi had and I really like the way he is throwing his slider. In fact, I will be abusing the Rangers all weekend and I am taking Dunn tomorrow as well. Our next pick is very scary with the way he has been pitching and that is Anthony DeSclafani. I know he has been bad but Pittsburgh is Pittsburgh and Tony Disco has been good at home.

Tomorrow's Pick

Justin Dunn

Day After Tomorrow's Pick

Michael Pineda

Stream Sheet (turn your phone sideways for a better view)

Link to Stream Sheet here.