Streamer Pick 9/13

Last Night's Result

Well we learned another lesson last night one that when I reflect back on this season holds true. Do not stream rookies on their first start in the majors. Daulton Jefferies was a last-minute add as a streamer pick and he got lit up. I did watch this start and he seemed a little shook but I do see the upside here as he was painting the zone often. Our other streamer who was our streamer of the week Justus Sheffield worked out well. He pitched seven innings allowing just two runs with seven strikeouts. Sheffield is a pitcher I would be grabbing in leagues for the rest of the season as his slider is working well and he's hitting a hot streak.

The Pick

Tyler Mahle has been on fire as of late. His command has always been his strength and he is starting to put fastballs high in the zone and breaking balls low. Not only that but his breaking pitches are finally starting to pay off, especially that slider. Mahle could be breaking out here and while the Cardinals aren't an easy opponent it's hard to not take his upside.

Tomorrow's Pick

Josh Lindblom - Don't stream Monday

Day After Tomorrow's Pick

Danny Duffy - Don't stream Tuesday either

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