Streamer Pick 8/21

Last Night's Result

Let's get the bad start out of the way. Plutko got rocked by the Tigers as he let up a grand slam in the fourth inning. This was infuriating because the start made so much sense, but I think moving forward sometimes I have to remember the pitcher matters as well. It could be the best matchup ever, but you still need a pitcher who can perform. On the other side of this Chad Kuhl pitched a great game and went five innings allowing one run. The strikeouts weren't there but they should come and I like Kuhl moving forward.

The Pick

Our first pick is Josh Lindblom who has looked really good as of late. His slider gets some really good horizontal movement and a matchup against the pirates bodes well. The Pirates have been bad as of late and ever worse against right-handed pitchers. Our second pick I am very nervous because of last night. Triston McKenzie makes his debut and draws the Tigers who STILL meet the streaming formula. Please don't have a blow-up.

Tomorrow's Pick

Tyler Mahle

Day After Tomorrow's Pick

Auston Voth?

Stream Sheet (turn your phone sideways for a better view)

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