Streamer Pick 8/13

Last Night's Result

Walker gave us one of our best starts this year. The Rangers basically couldn't get a hold of his pitches and he went six innings without letting up a run racking up five strikeouts. He was placing his fastball perfectly all night. moving forward Walker is a viable option to add. He definitely is matchup dependant though.

The Pick

David Peterson (Petey) has put up a solid season thus far. My main gripe that I keep mentioning is his issue with command for his fastball. Sometimes it can get away from him and it results in a few walks. But I think out of all the options today he is the safest pick. Voth and Arrieta are also tempting and viable options, but honestly I wouldn't stream today. I don't love any of these matchups.

Tomorrow's Pick

Valdez/Lopez/Kuhl Oh my!

Day After Tomorrow's Pick


Stream Sheet (turn your phone sideways for a better view)

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