Streamer Pick 7/23

The Pick

The MLB season is finally here! This is going to be a wild season and one would assume this season will be extremely hard in terms of streaming pitchers. Fear not! We are here to help as much as possible. We will be putting out a streaming article every day with our pick, future picks, and other fun stuff as well! Today is opening day and with only two games being played this literally leaves us with one option. That option is Johnny Cueto. One would imagine no one is streaming the first day of the season and one would imagine nobody would dare stream against the Dodgers this season. But here we are. Maybe we get lucky with Cueto and his above-average changeup.

Ranking All Streamers For 7/23

Only Cueto for today!

Tomorrow's Pick

Danny Duffy

Stream Sheet

As far as the sheet goes I will always show a few days ahead this way you can pre-plan your streamers. Also, you see a ton of N/A's here but once the season gets going and I can fill out those N/A's this will become super useful.

Link to Stream Sheet here.