Streamer Of The Day 7/21

Morning Read: You may have noticed that we added SIERA to our streaming chart. I decided to reach out to Phil Dussault about my chart and the current statistics it shows because I am always trying to improve it. Why Phil Dussault? Because he is one of the best fantasy baseball players in the world. He is currently in first overall for the Main Event and basically wins his Main Event leagues every year. There is no one better with numbers. He suggested year-to-date SIERA this way you can see if a pitcher has the right skill set to succeed. A great point and something I probably should have thought of, especially since SIERA is the most predictive stat there out there. So now you will be seeing a pitcher's SIERA on our chart moving forward.

Today's Streamer: With such a big slate you would think I'd find a pick I could have confidence in, but today that isn't the case. No one is really standing out to me but we have to pick! Michael Wacha does have a 20% K-BB% in his last three starts and a 3.90 ERA at home. He also has an easy opponent in the Orioles who have only a 71 wRC+ since the break. It makes a ton of sense, but maybe I am just bitter from his last start where he let us down. I do like Logan Webb a lot but his matchup against the Dodgers seems too risky.

Shallow League Option: Michael Wacha.

Deep League Option: Michael Wacha.

Looking For Strikeouts: Logan Webb and Kyle Muller.

Looking For Quality Starts: Logan Webb and Madison Bumgarner.

Looking For Wins: Michael Wacha.

Looking For Ratios: Michael Wacha and Max Kranick.

Tomorrow's Streamers: Adbert Alzolay and Josh Fleming.

The Day After: Jake Odorizzi, David Price, Johnny Cueto (stream of the week), and Vince Veladquez.

Link to full chart: Here

Explanation of chart: Here

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