Streamer Of The Day 4/7

Morning Read: We haven't had the best start to the season so far. When it comes to our main picks we are at a torrid 6.59 ERA, although it mainly has come from the crazy blow-up we encountered with Brad Keller on opening day. The good thing is we are 4-2 overall so if you didn't draft Keller you are doing okay. The chart has been updated with opponent stats for the last seven days since we are reaching that one-week mark.

To quickly touch on Alzolay from last night, he looked okay. The movement on his pitches was there but he had trouble with command and control at times. He really just gave up two big hits and that's what did him in for the four runs. If you have him and loved him coming into the season I would keep holding for now. Freddy Peralta looked phenomenal by the way.

Today's Streamer: There aren't a lot of good options for today so if you don't have to stream I wouldn't. There are a lot of tough matchups for streamers today like Madison Bumgarner in Colorado, Matt Boyd against the Twins, and others. We are going to roll with David Peterson of the New York Mets. Peterson was good last year and always stepped up to the plate when in trouble. I think he will do good against the Phillies and that offense seemed a little on its heels last night.

Shallow League Option: John Means looked great in his last start but he gets a true test against the Yankees.

Deep League Option: David Peterson

Looking For Strikeouts: Matt Boyd

Looking For Quality Starts: John Means

Looking For Wins: David Peterson

Looking For Ratios: John Means

Tomorrow's Streamers: Taijuan Walker (Main)/Jon Gray (Deep)/Adam Wainwright (Shallow)

Link to full chart: Here

Explanation of chart: Here