Streamer Of The Day 4/2

Morning Read: Yesterday was a rough day for a lot of starting pitchers. Woodruff, Kershaw, Darvish, Castillo, Flaherty, and Hendricks all suffered tough outings. Some of it certainly could have been the weather, some of it rust, and who knows some of it could be real for all we know. The fact is, it was one start. Don't worry and move on.

Here are some bad starts from opening day in 2020:

Lucas Giolito: 3.2 IP 7 ER 17.18 ERA

Jose Berrios: 4.0 IP 5 ER 11.25 ERA

Aaron Nola: 5.1 IP 4 ER 6.75 ERA

Hyun-Jin Ryu: 4.2 IP 3 ER 5.79 ERA

It wasn't just a tough day for "Aces," it was a tough day for our streamer picks as well. In fact, it was as bad as finding out Santa wasn't real for the first time. Every year I walk into this knowing I will run into blow-up starts and even though I know that, I still feel terrible when it happens. It's inevitable. Here at SP Streamer we do something a lot of other websites don't, we keep track of our performance. When it's good it's great but when it's bad it can be rough. It can be rough because people get mad. Should they get mad? No. But in a sense, I get it. If you are in fact reading this I do ask for one thing. If any of my writers have a tough week, don't call them out. Don't discourage others and don't discourage new writers who are trying to make a name for themself. Just stay silent and move on. For those who do support us through the good and the bad, we thank you.

Today's Streamer: Yusei Kikuchi is another guy I have been trying to grab in all of my leagues. He has some high upside play. Last season he added a brand new cutter which was pretty great while also adding 2.5 ticks of velocity! It was pretty wild. All of his underlying metrics last season screamed improvement and I really hope Kikuchi has a fantastic season.

Shallow League Option: Ryan Yarbrough might not pitch six innings but he will give you five quality innings. His fastball and changeup tunnel really well and he always seems to be in complete control. To note, his SwStr% has been rising every season and I am curious to see if that trend continues.

Deep League Option: Johnny Cueto is your best option in deep leagues. He draws Seattle whose offense is free-swinging plus you get to watch him mess with his delivery. The two other options of Antonio Senzatela and Chad Kuhl can be dangerous streams.

Looking For Strikeouts: Yusei Kikuchi

Looking For Quality Starts: Yusei Kikuchi

Looking For Wins: Ryan Yarbrough

Looking For Ratios: Ryan Yarbough

Tomorrow's Streamers: Mike Minor (Main/Shallow)/Logan Webb (Deep)

Link to full chart: Here

Explanation of chart: Here