Streamer Of The Day 4/1

Morning Read: It is finally here! Opening Day is here (finally)! Today really is the best day of the year. We have all finished our drafts, set our lineups about 12 times, and then stared at our lineups for hours imagining what was to come. Today was especially amazing for me because I woke up to the news that the New York Mets signed Francisco Lindor. THANK YOU COHEN. You still need to get off of Twitter though.

Baseball season of course means our streamer picks are starting again! Now I announced on Twitter that we will be doing things a little differently this season. We want to cater to all league types so we will be giving options for deep leagues (15% rostered and under), shallow leagues (50% rostered and under), and what I will call our "Main Pick" (30% rostered and under). It will be called our main pick because that's how we have typically always run out our picks, 30% and under. You will see the picks on the chart highlighted in orange and on some days a pitcher will be considered the best pick for multiple leagues. Like today Brad Keller would be my main pick as well as my shallow league pick because although in a shallow league you might have access to John Means I still think Keller is a better option. Read the grades people!

Today's Streamer: I can't tell you how many shares of Brad Keller I have. Sure the strikeouts aren't there but I truly believe the fantastic ratios will be. Most importantly the Royals love to let him pitch deep into games and that is a major plus. He draws a matchup against the Texas Rangers, an offense that was beyond lethargic for the entire year last year. While Joey Gallo could get a hold of one I think the way Keller induces weak contact will work well against this lineup.

Shallow League Option: Brad Keller

Deep League Option: Kyle Gibson draws the Mondesiless Royals for his first start. Gibson is capable of getting strikeouts and although I like the Royals lineup I think if he can feature his slider he should be able to skate by. Plus you want nothing to do with Chad Kuhl in Chicago.

Looking For Strikeouts: Eovaldi/Boyd

Looking For Quality Starts: Keller/Bumgarner

Looking For Ratios: Keller

Tomorrow's Streamers: Ryan Yarbrough (Shallow) and Johnny Cueto (Deep)/Yusei Kikuchi (Main)

Link to full chart: Here

Explanation of chart: Here