Starting Pitcher Streamer Chart Explained

Our streamer chart is back! Baseball is so close and I couldn’t be more excited. Of course, when the season starts that means our streaming picks begin! This season we brought back our streamer chart with a few changes. We listened to suggestions and are doing everything we can to make this a valuable tool for all league sizes.

The top section of the chart basically just shows everything that is going on. The top section is where to find us.

The white section below is our chart key. We have three different picks this year. 1) We have our Main Pick. This is how we have picked for two seasons now, any pitcher who is rostered 30% or under. 2) We have our Deep League pick. That is for people who are in 15 teamers where a lot of pitchers aren’t on the wire. This is for any pitcher who is rostered 15% or under. 3) We have our Shallow League pick. This is for people in 10 teamers where a lot of pitchers are on the wire. This is for any pitcher who is rostered 50% and under.

Below that you will see the stats we like to use as well as the averages from 2020.

Here is our opening day chart. You will see a lot of N/A for the stats since the season hasn’t begun. On the left side though you will see player names, their opponents, and their rostered percentages. Anyone highlighted orange is a pick I suggest. Again I will be making three picks. Sometimes (like on this day) the best option for two types of leagues might be one player, but as always I have grades for them to the right so if Brad Keller isn’t available but John Means is then he should be your pick.

Hopefully, this clears up the air on how to use the chart and I am always open to any ideas!