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  • Michael Simione

SP Streamer Draft Kit

If you are reading this that means you are interested in purchasing our first-ever draft kit and for that, I am forever grateful. Below I break down what our draft kit entails by each section, this way you can see if you want to purchase it. It is roughly 80 pages, 36,000 words, and has analysis on at least 500 pitchers for the price of $3! Trust me, you will be happy!

Top 100 Starting Pitchers

This section is our top 100 starting pitchers. It provides you with who we rank where and why. Each pitcher has a small paragraph on our analysis for each player and the potential they hold. We also tell you about their arsenal and which pitch seems to be their strong point. Some of the best stuff is in this section. There are a lot of interesting cool facts that might raise your eyebrows.

Top 50 Closers

Much like our starting pitching section, each closer will have their own little paragraph. Each paragraph will talk about their skills and their situation. The closer position is a very murky one and a lot of different players have the potential to grab saves throughout the season. Not only that but the closer position has a lot of turnover. This section can help you big time for draft day.

Abuse the ADP

This section is just plain awesome. Winning draft day is all about finding value. We go through some pitchers who we find are either going too high or too low in drafts. This is where you will find our sleepers and busts. Grabbing pitchers late who can provide profit gives every fantasy player a tremendous advantage.

Strategies for Streaming Pitchers

Of course, this is my favorite section! There are three main factors that we look for when it comes to streaming pitchers. We discuss velocity, K-BB%, and wRC+ and how to use all three when looking for a streamer come baseball season. You don’t want to miss this section as this is what got us to a 150-94 streaming record in 2019.

Potential Strikeout Risers and Fallers

I released an article on this a few months ago. K% and SwStr% correlate very well together and you can find outliers as to who should see an increase or decrease in their strikeouts. Providing a scatter plot we notice some outliers and give our opinion on what it could mean. In the kit, we dive even further and provide even more names as to who can have more or fewer strikeouts in 2020.

Rankings Adjustments

In this section, we go through how to adjust pitchers based on the league type. The main rankings are already set for roto leagues, but what if you are in a points league? This section goes through how to adjust rankings for points leagues, dynasty leagues, and quality starts leagues.


Prospects are always important for fantasy as these players can potentially win you your league towards the end of the year. We are essentially trying to give you value here in providing prospect names that you can keep an eye on and monitor to be the first to know about/pounce on when they inevitably get “the call”. In our opinion, having that advantage over your League Mates is much more valuable than providing analysis that you should already have in relation to players we’ve become familiar with.

Team Overview

This is our last section in the draft kit. We go team by team listing every pitcher who could have an impact in 2020. We list all the pitchers who are in the rotation and anyone who could at some point force their way in. We also layout every team’s bullpen and who could grab potential saves. Best of all, not only do we provide a landscape for you but we give some stats and opinions on every single pitcher!

Purchasing the Draft Kit

There are a few ways you can purchase the kit.

Price Point: $3

You can purchase it by sending us a Venmo (@SPStreamer) or PayPal (SPStreamer4@gmail.com) and it will be sent to you via PDF. Or you can check out our shop and buy it there!

If you do purchase it, I can’t thank you enough. Also, any money made on this will go right back into my account/website as we look to expand in the future! If you have any questions about the kit feel free to reach out to me on twitter (@SPStreamer) or via email SPStreamer4@gmail.com.