Round 11-20 ADP Risers

What do fantasy owners need to know before heading into a competitive draft? First, know the player pool. Second, decide the targeted players you will consider at different points of your draft. And third, have an idea about the current market.

This article should help your understanding of the current market. Remember, it is not only the latest average draft position for players that matters but who is rising up draft boards and how fast they are doing so. If a player you like is rising fast in early March, it is likely that you’ll have to aim a round or two higher in a competitive late March draft if you want to acquire their stats this season. This is particularly important for players with an ADP of 151-300 since this is where you will generally find the most movement ahead of ADP in your league.

I’ve calculated below the biggest risers between 151 and 300 and shown you the percentage gained by these players compared to two weeks ago in the chart below. If you want some of these guys, be prepared to move ahead of even their currently-listed ADP!

Some facts about the players analyzed for this article:

1. ADP is drawn from NFBC with a baseline of the two-week period February 22-March 7 (112 drafts)

2. This was compared to the NFBC ADP for the two-week period February 8-21 (120 drafts)

3. All non-auction drafts were included, so there are 10, 12, and 15-team leagues in the data

4. The focus of the 150 players taken between 151 and 300 in the last two weeks was on those being drafted 5% or more earlier than the prior two weeks (18 players)

5. The players were divided into three groups in the grid below:

a. Those with a 20% or earlier ADP (purple)

b. Those with a 10-19% earlier ADP (blue)

c. Those with a 5-9% earlier ADP (grey)