Pitcher Notes - 2020

Pitcher Notes

This is an article I like to call pitcher notes. Throughout the offseason (especially a very long one) I have been tweeting out any interesting facts I have come across. Below I have gathered most of them, 60 to be exact.

All of them are about a different pitcher and might convince you to dive deeper into a certain player. That’s the purpose of doing an exercise like this one throughout the offseason. Finding stats about pitchers others might not have can lead you to find regression or progression in a player others might not see.

  1. Gerrit Cole - Gerrit Cole had the most swing strikes when throwing a four-seam fastball at the top of the zone. He had 134 of them. The next closest was Jake Odorizzi with 94.

  2. Jacob deGrom - Jacob deGrom was the only pitcher who was top 10 in K/9, HR/9, FIP, and ERA.

  3. Lance Lynn - Lance Lynn threw his cutter 560 times and his curveball 325 times. In the 885 times he threw those pitches he didn't allow a single barrel. Both produced a 0.0 Barrel%.

  4. Max Scherzer - Max Scherzer’s insane slider: 48.0 O-Swing%, 46.6 Zone%, 26.6 SwStr%, 22.5 pVAL, 4 wRC+, and 0 homeruns.

  5. Justin Verlander - Verlander was third in the league when it came to producing a swinging strike on breaking balls outside of the zone.

  6. Charlie Morton - The pitcher who had the most swing and misses using a curveball while in a 2 strike count was Charlie Morton. He had 106 of them. The next closest was Domingo German with 77.

  7. Stephen Strasburg - Stephen Strasburg had the most swing and misses when throwing a curveball at the bottom of the zone with 67.

  8. Zack Greinke - Zack Greinke’s Slow Curve/Eephus: Thrown 62 times with a .000 Avg against, .000 ISO, -82 wRC+, 17.7 SwStr%, and 54.3 O-Swing%.

  9. Walker Buehler - Walker Buehler’s knuckle-curve lead the league in RPM’s with 2972. He also didn’t let up a single barrel on his fastball in the last two months of baseball.

  10. Patrick Corbin - Corbin’s slider had the highest K% (50.3) amongst all pitches that were thrown at least 500 times.

  11. Jack Flaherty - His slider in the second half: .225 xwOBAcon (2nd), .104 BAA (2nd), 0.38 ISO (7th), 24.2 SwStr% (5th).

  12. Mike Clevinger - Mike Clevinger’s fastball had an SwStr% over 12.0% and a batting average against under .200. The only other fastball to do that was Gerrit Cole’s.

  13. Sonny Gray - When throwing a curveball at the bottom/below the zone he was top five in EV, xBA, xSLG, and ISO.

  14. Jake Odorizzi - Odorizzi’s fastball: 14.9 SwStr%, 17.4 pVAL, .188 BAA, and .389 xwOBAcon.

  15. Luis Castillo - Castillo had the most swinging strikes in the chase zone while using an offspeed pitch amongst all starters. His changeup was also ranked first in terms of K%.

  16. Mike Soroka - When ahead in the count, the pitcher with the highest percentage of getting the batter out was Mike Soroka at 27.3% (150 min).

  17. Eduardo Rodriguez - Rodriguez was one of four pitchers who produced a barrel rate against under 6.0% and an exit velocity under 86.0.