Outside Of The Box: Jon Gray

Outside the box is a daily article that is simple, fresh, and innovative. Here, we will be walking throw away pitchers to the pedestal for a quick examination of their skills.

On The Pedestal: Jon Gray

Current ADP: 512

Brief Examination: Jon Gray had his most disappointing season yet. In 39.0 innings pitched he finished with a 6.69 ERA and 5.06 FIP. His regression from 2019 likely stems from his decline in velocity and mind-boggling decision to throw his changeup more. Gray went from throwing it 2.9% of the time to 13.1%. A pitch that through his career opposing hitters have crushed to the tune of a 192 wRC+, .458 wOBA, and .350 ISO. Stick to the slider and four-seam Jon.

We have to note that Gray once went to Driveline and it lead to a season where he produced a 3.84 ERA. Unfortunately, there’s no current news of him going there this offseason (doesn’t mean he isn’t there). Watch him and his velocity in spring training, you want it to be around 96 MPH for a potential rebound.

Interesting Stat: Gray has always been a slow starter.

Career FIP by month:

March/April: 4.32

May: 3.45

June: 3.37

July: 3.75

August: 3.79

September: 4.41

In 2019 his slider had the 10th highest SwStr% amongst all pitchers (500 min).

Diagnosis: Streamer in all leagues. Could provide some value in DC’s where you can plug him in on the road.