Outside Of The Box: Vince Velasquez

Outside the box is a daily article that is simple, fresh, and innovative. Here, we will be walking throw-away pitchers to the pedestal for a quick examination of their skills.

On The Pedestal: Vince Velasquez

Current ADP: 512

Brief Examination: Vince Velasquez, or VV as we like to call him, could be one of the most frustrating pitchers for fantasy baseball managers. In nine-game appearances, he finished 2020 with a 5.56 ERA, 4.16 FIP, and 4.03 SIERA.

The most notable change last season was his increase in strikeout rate from 25.2% to 29.9%. With a 12.9% SwStr% and 15.4% called strike rate (28.3% CSW) that new strikeout rate should regress to his career average strikeout rate (25.7%).

The four-seam is great, it has a ton of rise with a high whiff rate but the command keeps this pitch from becoming elite.

The elite movement bails him out sometimes but leaving it in the middle like this leads to opposing hitters putting up a 131 wRC+ and .808 OPS against it. He did come into the season with a new curveball but it wasn’t special and his slider has had issues in the past. That is VV’s problem, great fastball but can’t find something else to go with it consistently.

Interesting Stat: Last season was the only time his four-seam fastball didn’t finish with a positive pVAL.

Role: VV has burned a lot of bridges throughout his career. Until he can prove consistency, something that has haunted him forever, he isn’t worth a roster spot unless you are in a DC.