Outside Of The Box: Randy Dobnak

Outside the box is a daily article that is simple, fresh, and innovative. Here, we will be walking throw away pitchers to the pedestal for a quick examination of their skills.

On The Pedestal: Randy Dobnak

Current ADP: 500

Brief Examination: Mr. Dobnak finished the season with a 4.05 ERA and 3.96 FIP. This came in ten starts where he had a few ups and downs. Dobnak pitches for contact and that is made clear with an abysmal 13.5% strikeout rate. He’s pretty good at inducing weak contact though, his .058 HR/9, 5.1 Barrel%, and 62.1 GB% are all pretty great.

In his first six appearances, Dobnak went on a run where he pitched 30.1 innings with an insane 1.78 ERA. Regression was calling with the 4.11 FIP but the main difference from his first six appearances to his next four was the walk rate. He went from a 5.9 BB% to a 7.4 BB%, which might seem small but walks lead to runs. Albeit we are playing with small samples here but interestingly enough in his four “bad” starts he gave up zero home runs and had a .433 BABIP and 58.3 LOB%.

Interesting Stat: Dobnak not only had an above-average Command+ of 104 but he also was second best in terms of “stuff” being only behind Shane Bieber.

Role: As someone who was in on Dobnak, typing this up convinced me even more. He has good movement and his pitches work well for what he likes to do. In 15-teamers I think he is worth rostering. In 12-teamers take him in your streamer spot and see what happens.