Outside Of The Box: Miles Mikolas

Outside the box is a daily article that is simple, fresh, and innovative. Here, we will be walking throw away pitchers to the pedestal for a quick examination of their skills.

On The Pedestal: Miles Mikolas

Current ADP: 376

Brief Examination: Miles Mikolas missed all of 2020 with a flexor tendon strain that required surgery. Mikolas has gone on record stating that his arm feels good and he will be ready for the season.

You won’t get a ton of strikeouts from Mikolas but what you could be getting is ratios. In 2018 and 2019 combined he has posted a 3.46 ERA, 3.76 FIP, and 1.14 WHIP. Now 2018 certainly skews these numbers since he pitched to the tune of a 2.83 ERA. The noticeable step back in 2019 came from the regression of his slider.

Big difference, but notice the shift in MPH. Throwing it a little slower decreased the slider’s horizontal movement and increased the vertical movement leading it to not be as efficient. Whether he fixes the slider or not Mikolas does induce a lot of weak contact and has always had superb control (3.9 walk rate between ‘18 and ‘19).

Interesting Stat: In 2018 Mikolas’ threw his slider over 700 times resulting in a .061 ISO and .201. Those numbers are right next to the sliders of Jacob deGrom and Chris Sale.

Role: Coming off of this injury likely isn’t ideal but he has had plenty of time to recover, plus at this point of the draft you can take risks. Given he could rack up some innings with decent ratios he appears to be a decent grab here.

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