Outside Of The Box: Cal Quantrill

Outside the box is a daily article that is simple, fresh, and innovative. Here, we will be walking throw-away pitchers to the pedestal for a quick examination of their skills.

On The Pedestal: Cal Quantrill

Current ADP: 366

Brief Examination: Cal Quantrill gets moved to the Indians, a spot where he might get a spot in the rotation. After a terrible 2019 campaign with the Padres as a starter, he was mainly moved to the bullpen in 2020. Overall he posted better numbers with a 2.25 ERA and 1.22 WHIP.

What we saw from Quantrill was a pitch mix change. He ditched the four-seam fastball, a smart move since opposing hitters had a 111 wRC+ and .780 OPS against it. By ditching the four-seam he went to his sinker, slider, and changeup more. The Indians love to have their pitchers feature their breaking balls more. His slider works well, it has for two years now. Last season he had a little trouble with the command but overall it is a good pitch and that is something he can fix. The changeup is good at creating weak contact (60.0 GB%) and possesses a large difference in velocity compared to his sinker. Making it a quality pitch. Based on his breaking pitches it looks like Quantrill could find a route to success, especially if he lowers the sinker usage just a little bit more. The only issue is that his slider and changeup don’t have that strikeout potential.

Interesting Stat: Quantrill’s sinker has had a positive pVAL for two straight seasons.

Role: Whether he is in the Indians’ rotation or not remains to be seen but he certainly could become a viable pitcher, just don’t expect a Plesac type of breakout.