League Analyses: Down the Stretch

League Analyses: Down the Stretch

It is time to shift the main focus of this article to the individual Main Event Leagues – I’ll be providing a short review of the status of each estimating which fantasy owner will likely come out on top (with an assist from the Las Vegas sports books which have for the first time provided lines on the likelihood of victory of the leading competitors). For this abbreviated article we’ll examine the three leagues drafted earliest - all on March 20th: Main Event #1132 (drafted in New York), Main Event #1169 (drafted online) and Main Event #1170 (drafted in Chicago).

Before we dive in though – this is a shorter article as your intrepid reporter is away from home this week – hopefully we’ll be able to expand the number of leagues analyzed in the upcoming weeks.

All standings information is as of Sunday 8/8 AM!


Ø Currently Leading: Robert DiPietro (108 points) #106 overall (First three picks - #1 slot – deGrom, Machado, Tucker)

Ø Currently Second: Mike Mager #95 overall (104.5 points) First three picks - # 4 slot - Cole; Woodruff; T.Anderson)

Ø Currently Third: Konstantin K (98.5 points) #132 overall (First three picks - #14 slot – Darvish, Story, Albies)

Ø Who led this league? Craig Gebhard (4/4); Glenn Schroter (4/11); David Einhorn (4/18. 5/2 and 5/9); Michael Mager (4/25 and 5/16 through 8/1); Robert DiPietro (8/8)

Ø Leader’s Best Categories: HR, RBI (first) Runs (second)

Ø Las Vegas Win Estimate: DiPietro 30%; Mager 27%; Konstantin 25%; Samuel Horton 9%; Thomas Eshenfelder 4%; Ned Donohue 3%; Glenn Schroter 1%; Craig Gebhard 1%

Ø Mike Mager led since May 16th, but Rob DiPietro has come roaring from behind to take the lead. This league is still highly competitive - with three teams (and maybe Samuel Horton’s team in fourth) fighting it out for the title. This one looks like it could easily go down to the last week, and DiPietro has to figure out his pitching without deGrom at least for the short-term.


Ø Currently Leading: Gregg Martin (127.5 points) #11 overall (First three picks - #10 slot – Ramirez, Darvish, Guerrero)

Ø Currently Second: Alan Mitchell (127 points) #6 overall (First three picks - #11 slot - Bauer, Bellinger, S.Marte)

Ø Currently Third: Jeff Campbell (109 points) #85 overall (First three picks - #2 slot – Acuna, L.Castillo, Tucker)

Ø Who led this league? Gregg Martin (4/4; 4/18; 5/2 through 8/8); Jeff Campbell (4/11; 4/25)

Ø Leader’s Best Categories: Runs, HR, RBI, SV, ERA, WHIP (all first)

Ø Las Vegas Win Estimate: Martin 36%; Mitchell 36%; Campbell 12%; Toby Guevin 11%; Daniel Bronski 2%; Scott Sakiyama 2%; Abdul Madani 1%

Ø League Summary: Another dogfight here - Greg Martin has led since May 2nd, and this stacks up as a two-man race between Gregg Martin and Alan Mitchell – both are also way up in the top ten. Martin has held a reasonable edge but needs to keep churning to earn the title. And how is Alan Mitchell doing so well with Bauer and Bellinger as his first two picks (he did draft Ohtani in the 9th round though…)?


Ø Currently Leading: Douglas Roth (124.5 points) #17 overall (First three picks - #6 slot – Cole, Kershaw, Merrifield)

Ø Currently Second: John Pausma (101 points) #143 overall (First three picks - #7 slot – Betts, L.Castillo, Woodruff)