Introducing RPStreamer

Anyone who has spent hours sifting through the waiver wire for saves options knows how valuable it is to know a reliever’s recent usage and recent effectiveness. Being able to keep up with these trends gives you a huge advantage over your opponents and affords you flexibility in passing on the high-end closer when drafting. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to allocate to keeping up with every team’s relief situation. That’s where I step in.

While there are many great resources for tracking reliever usage and reliever effectiveness already, I plan on bringing the two together and having a resource dedicated to all types of leagues. Whether your league is a 10-team league or a 16-team league, I’ll provide options to fill your reliever lineup spots. Whether your league counts holds or not, I’ll have relievers lined up who can provide value in saves or holds.

Every Friday morning I’ll have an article with my favorite relievers to pick up and stream in the ensuing week. Along with this, I’ll be maintaining a chart to track the sleepers I’m targeting and recommending. The weekly article and chart will have both holds and saves options, as well as deep league options. The standards for league depth will be as follows:

Shallow league: 50% rostered or less

Standard league: 30% rostered or less

Deep league: 10% rostered or less

The player names will be color-coded by their roster percentage. The statistics associated with each player will also be color-coded, generally green for advantageous matchups and red for disadvantageous matchups.

Two key stats I’ll be tracking are game leverage index and win probability added. These two stats will help reveal which pitchers in a team's bullpen the manager trusts and who is performing well in the big spots. Hopefully, knowing how a reliever is performing by these metrics will make it easier to decipher who we can expect to get saves and who we can expect to get holds. Since the value of relievers in fantasy is so strongly tied to when a manager uses them in-game, the chart will get going once the season starts and we have some games to see how relievers are being used.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Twitter (@AwesomeVictorAA). Happy streaming!