Fantasy Advice from Mom!

Since we just celebrated Mother's Day, I want readers to understand that the helpful advice Mom gave you is also highly applicable to improving your fantasy baseball team. For example:

1. Mom says, "Silence is golden - unless you have kids; then silence is suspicious." - just when you think your team is doing fine and all is quiet and serene, you should stay vigilant regarding your team’s weaker categories that still need improvement.

2. Mom says, "My kids told me they wanted more options in their dinner menu so I gave them two choices: Take it or leave it." - sometimes the choices in fantasy baseball are quite simple – with the exception of injuries, just don't bench your best players even if they're slumping.

3. Mom says, "Boys are less drama than girls but harder to keep alive." - you need to understand that even if your team looks currently healthy you ALWAYS need a backup plan in case – like many boys - they just don't make it through the week.

4. Mom says, "My kids call it yelling. I call it motivational speaking." – there are moments as a fantasy owner when you need to provide strong motivation through the television when it appears they need direction; for example when your closer comes in and walks the bases loaded with a one-run lead. (“C’mon you ##$%$##@#!”)

5. Mom says, "I don't want to sleep like a baby; I just want to sleep like my husband." - sometimes you just need to relax - it's a long season and a rested fantasy owner usually makes better decisions than one that is stressed out (I am perfectly relaxed myself in case anyone was wondering).

Through Sunday, there have been 39 days of baseball since the Major League Baseball opened on April 1st - that’s about 21% of the season or approximately one-fifth of the way through (there are 186 days of baseball in the regular season). Main Event fantasy owners are balancing the original $1000 of FAAB they were given while bearing in mind that only 26% of FAAB periods have been completed (7 of the 27 FAAB periods). Here are the Main Event FAAB totals across 645 teams after adding in the winning bids from the May 9th FAAB run:

For all seven FAAB runs thus far, the average Main Event team has won 12.7 bids this season (roughly 2 per week) and spent $431.51. This is higher than $1000 FAAB dollars divided by 27 FAAB periods ($37 per week which would equal $259), but the average team has $568 of FAAB so the average weekly budget has dropped from $37 to $28.

In the seventh FAAB period of the season held on May 9th, 11 players were picked up in 22 or more leagues (see below) with William Contreras targeted in 42 leagues as he is filling in for Travis d’Arnaud. Trevor Larnach, who was called up to the Twins last week, was added in 41 leagues, and Pete Fairbanks, who might fill in for Diego Castillo in Tampa Bay, was added in 32 leagues.

The Wow Bid of the Week

The Main Event Wow Bid of the Week – going to the largest bid of each FAAB period – is awarded to a $188 bid for Milwaukee Brewers’ outfielder Lorenzo Cain, who was available in 2 Main Event Leagues. This $188 winning bid beat a runner-up amount of $36, so with hindsight, the bid was more than necessary. However, Cain may provide speed and power if he can stay healthy even at this higher price.

The Century Club has 22 Members This Week

There were just 27 SUCCESSFUL bids over $100 of FAAB during this FAAB run – significantly lower than the last three weeks (91, 81, and 83) and way down from the first two weeks of the season (139 and 135). In addition, there were ZERO free agents that attracted bids of over $200 for the first time this season. so Main Event fantasy owners are ratcheting down their bids as they show concern for their remaining FAAB dollars.

Instead of showing the ten players dropped the most – you can see below some of the most INTERESTING drops. These are the players dropped who were most likely difficult decisions – either prompted by a run of injuries to a fantasy team or driven by a need for a replacement at a particular position. These players might draw bids next week from other league members, and many of these players were bid on aggressively a couple of weeks back (i.e. Michael Fulmer, David Peterson, and Phillip Evans).

Where Are They Now? Four Players from Four Weeks Ago…