• Garrick Autler

DFS with Rick

Hello! This should be a semi-weekly article this season, don't get too used to the following format or even title because I'm sure it will change - possibly even by next week. What will be a constant in each of these is touching on the weather/wind and highlighting some notable players at each position. You can follow me on Twitter @gpaut where I pretty much just send gifs to Mike when he slanders Dinelson Lamet. Let's get right into it.

Friday 6 game slate 7:07 pm

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No rain threats tonight, with 3 games having retractable domes the only wind to note may be in Cleveland where it's flying straight out to center.


With Plesac's match-up and McCullers strong first game the 2 most expensive options (still both under 10k) may be pretty highly owned. Both fine options but I will look to go cheaper.

My favorite pitcher of the slate is Mahle (full disclosure I roster him in nearly every league) at $7,500. Facing a poor Diamondbacks lineup with no Marte he could rack up strikeouts.

Musgrove is only $8,500 (just 200$ more than Matz - who did do great his first start) he may not be lower than 9k for much longer.

Heaney is always intriguing for his strikeout upside but its a tough match-up and things can go wrong in a hurry like we saw in his last start.

Teheran is the best of the basement options if you're looking to go ultra cheap. His velocity looked to be back up, maybe he returns to his 2018/19 form.


Realmuto and d'Arnaud are the chalk here, facing each other neither has a great match-up to exploit.

Maldonado and Stassi both hit lefties well last season, I probably look at splits too much but at $3,900 and $3,000, they beckon me.

Caratini is interesting if you want a bat against Arihara, Ramos is sneaky at $2,400 if you want to spend elsewhere.

First Base:

Hosmer is the most expensive for good reason, but $5,500 is a lot, there are plenty of cheaper options. Vlad Jr. is off to a great start and $1,000 cheaper facing Heaney, and Olson is enticingly cheap facing McCullers. Votto could be part of a reds stack and is hitting the ball hard to start the year - already reached last season's max EV of 113 mph! Maybe throw a dart at a cheap option, perhaps one with a split advantage (Gurriel?).

Second Base:

There are a few interesting cheap options here, India can get you exposure to Widener but Cincy has options at other positions as well. Schoop is very cheap at $3,200, with the wind and Plesac's fly ball tendency he could be a nice contrarian play. Cronenworth is only the 6th most expensive at second with a good match-up and park.


Bichette, Correa, and Suarez are the chalk here, I will probably go with one of them. Willi Castro would be interesting (hit a ball 115 mph the other day!) but he's not very cost friendly at $4,000. Ha-Seong Kim is eligible here and second base, at $3,100 he isn't even among the 15 most expensive shortstops.

Third Base:

Third feels shallow today, the top options all have solid match-ups, may just take whichever of the top four I can fit in. Moustakas against Widener isn't very expensive, and with a hit in 4 straight Bohm is interesting against Morton.


Trout, Castellanos, Harper are my favorites among the chalk, Alvarez looks to be pretty split-proof, don't be afraid to play him vs LHP. Teammates Rodario and Franmil aren't too expensive with the wind and match-up going for them!. Teoscar against Heaney is another great mid-range option.


Senzel is off to a good start this season with 5 hits (2 xbh) and 5 walks against only 3 strikeouts - and only $2,900 against Widener.

Grossman looks to be the regular leadoff hitter against RHP, he is also under 3k ($2,700), and could be a steal if you want to fade Plesac.