Deep Dynasty Follows

Well, we made it through the first month of the season, everyone. Congratulations! Take the day off!

…If only…

If you’re a fantasy baseball manager (and I assume you are?) you know the grind never stops. You don’t even know what stop means! Hell, I drafted 14 teams this offseason after telling myself I’d cut back to three. And while I think that speaks more to my unnatural desire to be drafting baseball teams at all times than anything else and I don’t have any idea who you are personally, well, I think we’re on the same page.

The bottom line is that, as fake-team managers, we’re always on the lookout for an edge. Even if you’re rebuilding, I highly recommend keeping the Watch List Fridge stocked. Whether you’re playing Fantrax, ESPN, NFBC, ABBA, or ACDC, just stroll on over to the player list on occasion, in your free time, and get to scrolling. You never know what gems you’re going to find.

Wait…searching player lists for late-late-league winners isn’t what people do on Friday nights anymore?

Double-wait…people don’t have free time anymore? Hold up…time…no longer exists?

If any of the nonsense above resonates with you, I’ve got you covered. Once a month, and by the grace of the big man himself, Mr. SPStreamer AKA Michael Simione AKA The Pitching Savior To Us All, I’ll be doing a watch list article on players I think all Dynasty Managers should keeping tabs on. Deep Dynasty Follows if you will. Sometimes, they’ll be players who may get an opportunity soon. Other times, we’ll pop the hood to predict a breakout or hone in on boosting a specific category for all you Roto-leaguers. We’ll even talk about those dreaded points leagues! All of these players will have around 35% rostership or less in Fantrax leagues with an ADP of 450 or later to increase the chances of them being available in your leagues.

Let’s do this.

Edward Olivares, OF, Kansas City Royals

16% Rostered, ADP: 596

I’ve had a mini crush on Edward Olivares since his days with the San Diego Padres (a bias of which I am very well-informed). But despite my natural tendencies to root for the Friars, I think it’s pretty easy to see why Olivares has potential on your dynasty rosters. The owner of a 28.9% sprint speed in 2020 (top 5% in MLB), Olivares swiped 21 and 35 bags respectively his last two years in 2018 and 2019 with a combined 30 homers as well. How many did he steal in 2020? Well…zero. But! All but 4 of his at-bats came from the 6th-9th spots in the lineup, which doesn’t lend itself well to such thievery. It may take an injury or underperformance from one of the Soler/Benintendi/Taylor combos the Royals currently employ to allow Olivares a shot at some playing time this season, but I certainly think he’s worth a stash if you can afford the wait.

Tyler Stephenson, C, Cincinnati Reds

36% Rostered, ADP: 485

Tyler Stephenson has the kind of fantasy-friendly profile bat I love to see in a catcher. He’s a big dude, with a big bat, and while he still needs to take his defense to the next level, I think he could ultimately be a .260 average, 20-homer player if, IF, everything clicks and he starts to see regular playing time. The problem, you ask? Well, one Tucker Barnhart stands in the way. Why am I still recommending picking up Stephenson then? Plain and simple: I think he’s a better hitter. He sported +10% walk rates in 2018 and 2019 (his last two years in the minors), has a history of reasonable strikeout rates, and I think he’ll only continue to improve with more big-time plate appearances.

I know, Barnhart has been smoking hot so far, but keep in mind that Barnhart is a career 84 wRC+ hitter and is, despite his excellent start, still sporting a 35.7% strikeout rate this season. Stephenson, rather, has cut his strikeout rate down closer to where we saw it in his last few minor league seasons, and while it’s a small sample, it is still an encouraging small sample. He’s also thriving in games he starts, batting .412 with a 1.018 OPS in such games.

I currently roster Stephenson on five teams (four of which are dynasty), and I wish I had him on more.

Garrett Whitlock, RP, Boston Red Sox