Streamer Pick 9/19

*All streamers are under 30% rostered based on fantasy pros consensus between ESPN and Yahoo!

Last Night's Result

Well Barria was better than what we expected. The matchup made perfect sense but Barria being the pitcher did make this a questionable pick. Regardless this stream really worked out as he put up 6.1 innings allowing two runs and striking out eight!

The Pick

The people have spoken! I was having a little trouble picking this one so I put a toll on twitter and Kris Bubic won the poll. I think it is a good choice since the Brewers can go ice cold any night and Bubic has been pitching well. Sometimes it is good to just ride the hot hand and see what happens.

Tomorrow's Pick

John Means - not a day to stream

Day After Tomorrow's Pick

Drew Smyly

Stream Sheet (turn your phone sideways for a better view)

Link to Stream Sheet here.