Contest! Streaming Against SP Streamer

Streaming Against SP Streamer

The season is about three weeks away and I couldn’t be more excited! As you all know my account really centers around streaming pitchers. I pick pitchers every day based on what I think are key statistics as well as the occasional “gut” call. This season I would love nothing more than to see how you the people could do at streaming! Nothing better than a fun little competition!

The Competition

I pick streamers every day in the season but to have contestants do that would be way too labor-intensive not only for me but for them as well. Plus we all know pitchers starts shift all of the time making it a bit hectic. The way it will work is I will pick five people per month to run against me. Those five people will pick a streamer of the week. Meaning on Sunday you will look at the schedule and pick a pitcher who you think will perform the best that week. Each week I will keep the results and a running spreadsheet. At the end of the month, we will see who beat out my own streamer of the week picks (Roto style) and the person with the best overall stats will be deemed the winner of that month. Each month will be a new set of players and every month the winner gets an SP Streamer mug. The overall winner, combining all of the contestants for all of the months will get $50.

The Rules

  1. Choose one streamer as your streamer of the week on Sunday.

  2. They must be under 30% rostered via Fantasy Pros between ESPN and Yahoo. You can do this simply by searching a player on Fantasy Pros website and it will be on their player page.

  3. If your player is scratched mid-week, you may email me your replacement.

  4. Tie goes to the person who had the best overall ERA.

  5. Winners will be decided Roto style.


  1. If you win a month you get an SP Streamer mug.

  2. If you win the overall you get $50.

How To Enter

Two simple ways, you can comment on the Twitter post or DM me on Twitter. You can also email me at SPStreamer4@gmail.com to let me know you are interested. We will be randomly picking only five people per month so not everyone will get to join the contest. In the event, someone is picked for a month and we cannot get a hold of them when it is their turn we will post for a replacement. Let’s have some fun!