Analysts Who Taught Me Everything I Know

Let me start off by saying that I was slightly afraid to write this article. There are so many great analysts out there for baseball and it’s impossible to name them all. If you aren’t in this article it doesn’t mean you haven’t impacted me in some way, I just don’t want this to be over 3,000 words.

With that said I really wanted to put out there some of the names, podcasts, or websites that have impacted me greatly as an analyst and person. I decided to break it down into the categories where these analysts have helped me the most. Everyone below has helped me in some type of way, whether they know it or not.

To the readers, make sure you follow all of them because they all can teach you so much. To those named below who are reading this, thank you. What you do might seem small but in my two years in the fantasy baseball community, you’ve helped me grow and get to where I am now. For that, I am forever grateful.


Eric Cross (@EricCross04): Some of the first prospect articles I ever read came from Eric Cross and for good reason. Eric has a way of simplifying things for the average reader and gets right to the point. When I go to look up information on a prospect I literally google “Eric Cross (player’s name)” so I can read his take on said player.

The best part about Eric is that he literally answers everyone. If you have no profile picture with one follower it doesn’t matter to Eric, he will answer you. He stands for something I stand for, making yourself available to everyone. If you somehow don’t follow him please do so and if you want to check out some of his talented writing look no further than his recently released Top-500 Dynasty Rankings here. Eric has helped me grow when it comes to analyzing prospects and he can certainly help you too.

Chris Clegg (@RotoClegg): Chris seems to be the new budding star in this amazing community. Every time I click on his profile he seems to have a bunch of new followers. Chris is a jack of all trades as he can break down hitters, pitchers, and everything else under the sun. Back in the day, he started on SP Streamer and I am so happy I get to say he started with me. His new podcast with Eric Cross Fantrax Toolshed is a delight to listen to especially since you get to hear those smooth southern buttery tones of Chris’s accent. Check out his article breaking down prospect Andrew Vaughn here.

Ray Butler (@Prospects365): Oh man, Ray is a fabulous analyst and is building an empire over at Prospects 365. I’ll never forget the first time I had Ray on my podcast because he literally blew me away with his knowledge on pitching prospects. Ray became a big reason for my drive to grow as an analyst. I came into that podcast thinking my analysis was great but left realizing I needed to step it up and get on his level.

Overall Ray writes for his website Prospects365.com and releases an amazing VIP package. It is your all-inclusive one-stop-shop for everything prospects. It exceeds 80,000 total words and is well worth the cheap price. You can check it out here.

Shelly Verougstraete (@ShellyV_643): People probably get tired of me mentioning Shelly when it comes to following suggestions but it’s just because she is so freaking good. Between her and Eric both of them have always been my two main early sources for prospects. Shelly writes everywhere and it’s because she can translate her thoughts onto paper so well. This is why she writes for Pitcher List, Prospects 365, and RotoGraphs. Her in-depth knowledge is second to none and she has taught me so much about prospects so please check out her most recent article on Pitcher List here.


Toby Guevin (@BatflipCrazy): Mr. Pocket Aces is becoming one of the best follows in terms of strategy. Toby talks a lot about replacement value and consistently brings up interesting points in terms of draft strategy. When I listen to podcasts I normally don’t like to listen to the episodes where analysts break down each position by ADP. When it comes to Toby (and Bubba) that gets thrown out the window. He breaks it down so well and keeps me intrigued throughout.

Toby also encourages and utilizes a lot of rolling averages. A tool I never used at the beginning of my analysis but now use on a daily basis because of him. All in all, he p