Abbreviated Main Event Update

Please note: This week’s article is shorter than usual due to a family obligation. I have provided some of the key stats/tables to keep everyone up-to-date but some information was omitted due to time restrictions. Apologies but will plan to have a full article next week…

FAAB Review

At this point, we’re about 47.6% of the way through the season, and Main Event fantasy owners are balancing the original $1000 of FAAB they were given while bearing in mind that only 52% of FAAB periods have been completed (14 of the 27 FAAB periods). Here are the Main Event FAAB totals across 645 teams including the winning bids from the June 27th FAAB run:

For all fourteen FAAB runs thus far, the average Main Event team has won 26.2 bids this season (1.87 per week) and spent $710. This is higher than $1000 FAAB dollars divided by 27 FAAB periods ($37 per week – 14 FAAB periods times $37 indicates that $518 is the proper spending on a straight-line basis – so that would mean that teams would have $482 left). Actual spending, however, leaves the average team with $290 of FAAB, dropping their average weekly budget for the remaining 15 periods from $37 to $22.31.

Muller The Magnificent

In the fourteenth FAAB period of the season held on June 27th, 10 players were picked up in 22 or more leagues (see below). Kyle Muller was targeted in 40 leagues after he threw five shutout innings at Cincinnati. Amir Garrett and Jose Alvarado were picked up in 39 and 36 leagues respectively, as fantasy owners speculating on saves were anxious to solve deficiencies in that category.

The Wow Bid of the Week

The Main Event Wow Bid of the Week – going to the largest bid of each FAAB period – is awarded to the top bid of $411 for the one league in which Wander Franco was available. This held off a runner-up bid of $325, but it may have been worth it to add one of the most exciting prospects of the season.

The Century Club has just 5 Members This Week

There were 14 SUCCESSFUL bids over $100 of FAAB during this FAAB run - higher than the last couple of weeks – and two $200+ free agents (Garrett and Franco) as Main Event owners saw an opportunity to improve their rosters.

Update From the Roman Colosseum: Four Players from Three Weeks Ago…Updated Results: 8 Good Adds out of 36 (22%)

We’ll keep tabs on the 4 most added players from 3 weeks ago to see how some of the biggest free-agent acquisitions have been doing for their fantasy owners. These are the players acquired in the most leagues on 6/8 (stats are from 6/9 through 6/27):

· Patrick Wisdom – batting .167 with 2 HR and 0 SB – he was very hot but this hasn’t held up - loss

· Taylor Trammell – batting .114 with 3 HR and 0 SB - loss

· Edward Olivares – 5 at-bats in 3 weeks – currently in the minors

· Ryan Jeffers – batting .171 with 3 HR and 0 SB - loss

All four gladiators met their doom this week. The record is just not good to date (8 thumbs up; 17 thumbs down; 11 side thumbs). The 8 top adds (based on their first three weeks of production): Cesar Valdez/Yermin Mercedes (4/25); Lou Trivino/Huascar Ynoa (5/9); Alex Wood (5/16); James Kaprielian/Hansel Robles (5/23) and Harold Ramirez (5/30).

Dussault and Pepper

Congratulations to Philippe Dussault, as he has blasted up to the top of the 2021 Main Event with one of his three Main Event entries – with a margin of 54.5 over his closest pursuer, John Pausma. Philippe has a total of 5578.5 points, and it’s interesting to note that the top 20 as a group are scoring even more points. Last week the top twenty averaged 5244.0 and this week it has risen to 5250.1.

I tried to ask Philippe what I thought was a fair question – “What is wrong with your worst Main Event team? I mean, it’s all the way down at 49th out of 645 in the overall standings – do you find that embarrassing?" Phil looked at me and said: “I gave you the benefit of the doubt but it’s true - you really know nothing about this contest and fantasy baseball.” Look, I get paid to ask the tough questions Phil, and now that you’re a public figure you’ve gotta learn to handle this type of approach. (Guess I showed him, huh?)

Let’s check in on our previous leaders – are they still in the top 20? No – two of our previous leaders are not in the top 20 overall!

Let’s check in on our previous leaders – are they still in the top 20? (No - two are out of the top 20)

· Brian Slack (4/5): 13th place (Fifth Circuit Court has put off its hearing until Brian can get directions to the courthouse)

· Tyler Jung (4/12): Still in 9th (MLB asked for more information on hearing his request to allow replay on every pitch saying that they cannot open his PowerPoint document)

· John Pausma (4/19): Now in 2nd overall (is still asking for $1110 of FAAB for his Main Event team but is driving aimlessly around Wisconsin looking for Greg Ambrosius’ mailbox)

· Two-time leader Chris Uram (4/26 & 5/3): Out of the top twenty in 36th place (has posted a message on the NFBC board asking that Todd Whitestone be banned from writing these articles due to “lack of knowledge and sensitivity to Main Event owners”)

· Abdul Madani (5/10): Still strong at 19th (gazebo special lighting in the roof of the gazebo is on backorder which may slow down construction)

· Samuel Horton (5/17): Dropped out of the top 20 to 30th (turned down the offer of green eggs and ham in a car but is thinking about some kind of bush or tree)

· Douglas Roth (5/24 and 6/21): Now in 5th place, our financial expert has two Roth IRAs and says he is considering more

· Scott Kotchek (5/31 & 6/7): Is now in 16th and says he hopes players avoid injuries, especially getting hit in the Krotch…

· Clark Olson (6/14): Still solidly in 3rd (and 4th) and is confident in his solemn vow to be back on the throne by the end of July. I’m the true king of Westeros – I only hope that someday there will be books and an HBO series that documents this fact.” Clark! Are you really royalty? We should discuss this further!

The Dominators

I’ve renamed this section since there are several guys who deserve recognition. Philippe Dussault (The Robot) is 1st, 8th, and 49th (49th – gotta repeat that’s pretty bad) in the Main Event, but the other Main Event owners held a rally against robotics. They were disrupted by robots throwing cans of Spider Tack at them, so there hasn’t been much effect from these protests as yet. We’ll continue to follow this story and provide updates as needed…

But the other two stories are King Clark Olson – 3rd – 4th – 38th – 125th – and 208th (haha Clark – that 208th team – pretty funny) and Tyler Jung – 9th – 11th – and 18th. I just can’t believe that these three guys are better than some people that write about the Main Event – FOR A LIVING! I have written it off to complete luck but other Main Event owners have called me an idiot. That’s OK – didn’t they say this about Albert Einstein also??? (Will wait for replies…)

In addition, we’re following the individual league races this season. It is no small feat to win a league championship in the Main Event regardless of a fantasy owner’s overall place, and the top three in each league earn a cash prize and deserve recognition. You can see the 43 leagues listed in the chart below (with those in the top 20 positions highlighted in blue) – you can find your assigned league number for the purposes of this article number by referring to the chart at the end of my first article of the season (use this link https://www.spstreamer.com/post/and-they-re-off) – which displays the league draft location, draft date and time, and Official NFBC League Number.

Out of the 43 Main Event leagues – only 7 had new leaders this week (compared to 9 last week). In addition, the top three places stayed in the exact same order in 13 of 43 leagues. There’s plenty of time to move up of course, but 36 fantasy owners held the lead from one week to the next, showing that they have solid teams that will be difficult to catch.